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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 5339

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Thea's POV

Half a year I lived in servants house. Edmund's room hold too much memories, for me to be able to live in it without any depressing thoughts. Every time I entered it, I remember his face, words he said and time spent doing nothing. My whole life hold the most significant moments in his presence. Now Edmund seems so far away, that it gives a feeling, that all of it was just a part of a dream for better life.

Nothing of the things we have been through was really true. Edmund pretended, made me think and feel emotions, which were never meant to become a reality.

He is still here in his house, but I hardly see him. It seems that we both have chosen to avoid each other, but for different reasons, I think. I have been well, when Edmund was not near. His presence stirred up the feelings I developed over time. Respect, admiration and something new I have dismissed. It was love. I love him as my owner, Master, my caretaker and ruler of my life - a king, that's what he truly is. Also the love for the companionship he gave me. I love Edmund as a man, the only important man in my life. But this love can never be expressed or shown to the world, for the differences in our status. No matter, what I feel or what he feels, there will be no future for us.

I spent my days working, helping servants, in hopes to rid my mind of thoughts about Edmund, it have gone well and my heart doesn't hurt so much, as it used to for these minor things.

"Thea? Could you please take this tea set to a living room. It has to go now." One of the servant girls asked.


"For l

face of yours much better."

What he meant with that? Is he enjoying seeing me frightened?

My thoughts were more occupied on a broken tea cup. It looked expensive and I destroyed it. What am I going to do? I am in deep, deep trouble.

Edmund still hold on to me strongly.

"Do you know how much it cost? Do you know, in what kind of trouble you just got yourself into?"

"It.... wasn't my fault." I could barely hold my voice calm.

"Well.... it fell out of your hands. Now... you will have to pay for it."

Edmund have gone insane. How do I pay for this broken cup? How do I pay for anything, if nothing belongs to me? I feel like he did it on purpose.

"How? I have nothing to pay with..."

Edmund stood up, but didn't release my wrist yet. "I will find a way for you to cover the expenses. Also, I will make sure to crumble down your new wall of confidence. I don't like it." He hissed the last words in to my ear.

I have never seen Edmund this way. It felt like being in a presence of real royalty. He was cold, uncaring..... unforgiving.

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