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"I am sorry, m.. Edmund." I realized my mistake.

But was there a point to not address him this way? I believe our relationship have lost that meaning, where I would be allowed to call him by his name.

"Edmund! You are such a gentleman. Why didn't you wait for me?" Maria have caught up and complained about Edmund's rushed decision to abandon her. "What are you standing? Help me to get down."

He glanced at me, before helping Maria and her friends.

I was stuck up with them again and from my previous experiences, I knew, that it wasn't a genuine invitation from Maria. I have learned to not trust her. I feel like I can't trust any of the high status people.

"I will be going then... " I excused myself.

Maria looked at me with weird expression, but said nothing. The same with Edmund, but his face still hold traces of frustrations he felt.

A wast meadow of grass and flowers laid ahead of me, in order to reach stables and get back home. I had no horse to fasten my speed, but I didn't sulk about it too much, just a way back will be a long one. In my view there was only endless fields of grass.

Earth shuddering rumble vibrated through my body, like the thudding of running horse. It indeed was. I didn't fear nor paid attention to approaching animal. By the time it have reached me, I knew, who it was - Storm. He instantly slowed down and walked beside me, but I felt it was hard for him to slow down his own horses. Something was in his mouth, it hang loosely in Storm's lips. A piece of bread.

"You, little thief! You got your own share too, didn't you?"

I think he have stolen it from foods set for their picnic. Horse stopped and I allowed him to chew down his treat. Storm continued to walk beside me in slow steps, appearing to be much calmer than mere minutes ago

g in the same speed, as he went away. He is still the same crazy animal he have always been. The way he moved, could frighten any living thing in front of him. I stepped aside to give him some space. It didn't seem my horse wants to stop, but eventually halted at the picnic spot, sending grains of soil in food and drinks, as well as destroying the white cloth under the food.

Girls screamed in terror, as he carelessly stomped over the plates and bits of food with his dirty hooves.

"Edmund, do something. He is going to kill us!"

"Ohh no! Maria! He is taking the buns. He will eat them all!"

I could not find more amusing sight, than this. Storm was a natural catastrophe - ruining everything in his way.

After eating his share, my horse continued it way in a direction of home. I saw him approaching Thea's form, but she didn't even flinch. She had that power that could control him with ease, just being there next to him calmed his wild nature. With nothing more, than just her existence.

Just like with me, but with uncontrollable circumstances, I can not experience her calming presence. Could I be free, just like my horse and enjoy the life free of burdens and obligations?

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