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Maria got closer to Storm and wished to pet him, when his teeth snapped just inches from her delicate fingers, making a dreadful snapping sound. Everyone jumped away, even me, while being some distance from the incident.

"What's wrong with this animal?" Maria whined.

James have returned and quietly he offered to take a lamb away.

"I will be fine, James." I said in a whisper.

"No, no, Thea. You stay here."

"I won't." I protested.

"Thea! Why don't you ride with us?"

I snapped my head around and could not believe, what Maria was saying.

"You take this black horse."

I looked up at Edmund and hoped he will say no, but he just smiled subtly.

"Thea! Get on a horse!" Maria insisted.

I looked at James. A wide grin played on his lips. He pushed me in the direction I needed to go. All I felt was a dreadful sense of nervousness. I didn't want them to see me ride Storm. I will get in trouble. Edmund will kill me, if he discovers, I have used his animal before. I glanced another time around to see a sign of anybody changing their mind, but none of the faces seem to show disagreement. James was standing next to Edmund and both seemed to be entertained with a thought seeing me ride.

"Come on, Thea! We don't have whole day!" She was getting impatient.

With shaking hands I approached Storm. Maria's eyes were glued on me, watching my every move. At the time, I was ready to pull myself up, I felt pair of hands behind me. Edmund was there, but s

iding his true intentions.

"You shouldn't be here today."

"I... I didn't think you would come."

It was painful to hear, that he didn't want to see me a bit, after such a long time of separation. What did I expect? That Edmund will feel longing for me? It was only me, who felt that way. I should learn to not expect the same from him.

Under his gaze I felt small, dirty and insignificant. I was nothing.....

"....I am sorry, Master." I averted my eyes to the ground.

I felt uncomfortable. Once again, he was too close to me, that it was hard for me to stay calm.

"Edmund! Edmund!" Maria's voice and thundering of horses broke the tension between us.

Edmund was frustrated about something, that much I knew, when he stepped closer to Storm and hit him hard on his backside. His horse literally stormed away in seconds, leaving us behind in a cloud of dust.

"What have I told you?" His words came through clenched teeth. ".....master.....?" He chuckled mockingly.

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