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Few horses by the Wiltshire's stables enjoyed the little freedom, that James have given them. I was so happy coming to this part of Edmund's property.

A small basket in my hands hold a meal, which Fiona have made with great care for her husband. She have sent me here, knowing I need some time out of the main house to enjoy freedom.

Some of the stallions standing on the dirt road looked freshly groomed, beautiful, with coats shining in the bright sunlit patch, near an entrance of horse stalls.

"James? James!" I called out.

He didn't answer, but moments later I saw him emerge. He hold a brush in his hand and a fabric of his shirt was wet.

"Oh. What brings you here, Thea?"

"I have got food for you." I swayed a basket in front of his face.

"Thanks! Just in time. I am hungry beyond belief."

I looked around, but no one else was here, only James. Everything was calm and quiet, only few chirps and yells from various animals echoed through the barn and stables.

"I haven't seen Harry for some time.... Is he well?"

"Aghh... Not quite. He is busy taking Edmund and his ladies to the town every day. Harry hardly has a time to rest. He is not so young anymore." James took a bite into a freshly baked bun.

"Poor, old man."

"Yeah. He might quit soon."

I felt sorry for him. He truly was getting old for the job of being a coachman.

"Thea?" James eyed me for a moment with his mouth stuffed. "Why are you not wearing your nice dress Edmund got for you?"

I looked at my outfit. It was the same old, torn dress I have used all my previous years, when working under an eye of Martha.

"For what? To show off in front of horses? In fact, I came to spend all day here, helping you..... if you need a hand, of course."

"That would

m this awkward and unpleasant encounter.

"Thea, what are you wearing?"

Ohh, how I wished to have never heard his voice. It was stirring up my buried emotions.

"It is for ... work..."

In Edmund's face I saw a glimmer of dissatisfaction. He didn't like me wearing clothes like this. My Master must think I am dirty.

"Edmund, let her wear whatever she likes." Said Maria. "I am so excited. Oh... Look at these horses. I will choose first."

I let them pass and went with my lamb to let it free from my suffocating hold. I wanted to not be near these people at all. Everything I have been through with them, is bringing back hurtful memories.

"I will take the black horse. It is so beautiful and strong." Maria chirped like a bird in Edmund's ear.

I was surprised that Edmund have never warned her about Storm, his unpredictability and wild behavior. But from other hand, I think nothing could go wrong. Storm is older and calmer. Maria will be fine.

I was heading back into the stall to finish my work. A feeling of Edmund's eyes on me, was unsettling. There was a tiny bit of frustration in his features. Probably for me, as I walk around him in such look.

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