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I have polished the floor of Edmund's bathroom, folded his towels and dusted everything else I could set my eyes on. His bedroom was cleaned spotless too. I have been bored lately and desperately searched for more work to do.

Edmund haven't been in his own room for many days. I have lost count already. It is only me here now. Even his scent of mint have slowly disappeared from his clothes and covers.

After that awful night, my Master have become quite distant. We barely see each other. I see him spending more time with Maria, going out to parties and events, spending so much time out of the walls of this house. Edmund have neglected everything and everyone except his fiance.

I don't know, what have made him change just in few days. I only know, what he thinks of me, what I am to him and have always been.

Other day, while passing by the room, where Maria sleeps, I heard them talk. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but the door of her room was not fully closed. I heard a part, where Edmund explained my place to her. He said, I am only his slave and nothing else. No other relations to him, just purely owner and servant's relationship.

Before I have never been taking a deeper look in to our interactions over the years. It have stayed in back of my mind like insignificant thing, but now it have started to bother me. I view him as my owner, Master, my caretaker. And now I know, what else he have been to me - a friend, if I could call it like that. He was the first person in my life, who didn't look at me as on a worthless being. Well, at least, that's, what I have always felt. Now I see,

nothing to do.... Do you want to give us a helping hand? I promise, it will make you feel better. Work will occupy your mind and you will be all fine...."

"Ok..... I am dying of boredom." I managed to squeeze a smile.

I followed her to the servants house. Fiona looked so happy about her new position. I felt so proud about her. She have been working hard all the time. It is good, that someone have recognized her dedicated work over the years.

"It will be some time, until I get to a level of Adele. I am not so knowledgeable, but Lordship have hired a person to teach me all the necessary information needed for new work duties."

"You will be the best, that have 'ruled' this house, Fiona."

"I hope. Your words to god's ears. I hope he hears you."

"What I will be doing?"

"Oh. I know. Nicolas is in the big garden cutting flowers. You could go and help him. Help him arrange them too."

"I am on my way, ma'am."

"I like the way it sounds." She disappeared with her chin raised up in the sky.

She was so full of herself, that it made me laugh.

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