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"Why? You just answered yourself. She was sleeping." The answer came out innocent.

"In your bed, Edmund? Don't you have any standards? Allowing this dirty woman mess up the expensive sheets! Do you expect me to sleep there after that? And above all, I don't believe you, that she was just sleeping. I know, there is something between you two."

I could barely hold on to my sanity. This was so crazy. They both looked like mad beasts, shouting at each other and in the middle of it blaming me, for everything, even though I have no control over my Master's decisions. I am forced to obey his commands. If I wouldn't, this side of Edmund could be seen every day. I have never wanted it. I don't want him to feel this way, to experience these negative and destructive emotions, which makes him hurt others. I want him to stop. I want both of them to stop arguing.

"Tell me once and for all, why is she here? Why Thea is in your life?"

Edmund was watching me for some time in silence and heaving in frustration. Maria took a glance at me too.

"Don't tell me.... you make love with her....."

Was Maria completely insane? How could she think we.... we.... . Edmund is my Master... It would be so inappropriate to engage with my owner in.... I could feel myself almost choking on the idea of going that far. I know, it is forbidden for me to ever think of having feelings for him. Maria probably has no understanding of my position at all.

"Are you sure you want to know the answer, Maria?"

"Don't be stupid, Edmund. Of course I do!"

Edmund breathed hard like a bull before charging.

"Yes, we do!"

Maria looked like a fish deprived of water and I believe the look on my face was the same. Now

o to sleep...."

My heart skipped a beat hearing his deep voice just above me.

When I felt his lips touch my forehead, my body went stiff. A kiss was light, but at the same time so strong and lasted longer, than that kind of act would usually take, filled with unspoken emotions, which he could only understand.

Edmund's body moved aside, I felt a bed dip next to me, but my form couldn't relax yet. I couldn't grasp, what just happened. I was happy only about one thing.... that he didn't take my body tonight.

In the grasp of the tension, my body have been holding all my fears and other emotions, by now, these feelings slowly came back to the surface and out in form of more tears. My cries turned into uncontrollable sobs.

I have opened my eyes, but everything was dark. Lights were turned off.

My body tensed up again, when I felt Edmund's arms coil around my waist, pulling my form closer to him. I felt the heat of his body and then his breath at the back of my neck. I could feel his heart, beating against my back..... or was it mine? I couldn't tell anymore.

"Don't cry.... Please, don't cry anymore, Thea....."

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