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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 5069

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Edmund's words hurt me. He have decided to never give me a sense of security and support from another human being. Would it hurt him to let me live my life? I am sure, I will stay around him anyway.

On other hand, I have thought, that he does these things only for his own good. He wants and he takes, against a will of other person. Edmund wants me to be around all the time and probably I will be spending my life by his side. I have no choice. In position I am in, I have no right to choose anything nor ask for things I desire.

He must be upset. I don't quite know for what. Is it because I want someone else in my life, besides of him? Edmund has Maria, with who he will form his own family. After that, I won't be needed so much to him. At least, he can give me that little piece of happiness - a family I have always longed for.

The way he left.... I recognize it as his passive anger, which bubbles slowly inside of him, never truly shown outwards. I just fear, that one day it will burst out and no one will be able to stop his inner rage.

Seeing my Master acting and treating me this way, makes me cry. I sob quietly, my face buried in crooks of his sheets. I don't want Edmund to hear my hurt. His soft duvet is covering my body, sending pleasant warmth to my goose bump covered skin. It is so soft, I have never been sleeping in a real bed - so big and comfortable. It has an aroma of him.

I notice, that my tears have fallen on his snow white pillow, staining it.

Oh no... I have made it di

sure at the same time.

Edmund looked over his bed and exhaled heavily.

"I am tired. Could you give me some space for once?" he was getting more irritated.

I didn't want to be here, listening to arguments again and be part of it. I moved sideways in hopes to slip through the door and disappear.

His eyes snapped at me. In the faint light of lamps and shadow encased room, his pale gaze looked ghostly and threatening.

"DON"T YOU GO ANYWHERE, THEA! You are not running away this time!" With fuming anger he shouted at me.

My body shuddered hearing his raised voice. The heaviness of his breathing increased and it was not far to imagine the puffs of air coming from his nose, like the sight of a crazed bull.

I stopped right on the spot, but could not make my heart slow down. He was getting angrier too. Both of them and I was here between this couple.

"Edmund! Explain me, why this slave was sleeping in your bed, right now!" Maria was pointing at me, while keeping her eyes on Edmund.

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