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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 5876

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Maria's POV

I wandered around the house in hopes to find some entertainment. Edmund have left me by myself again and I have a slight clue, why. To babysit his slave. He should allow her to live her own life sometimes. It is starting to irritate me, that my husband is paying more attention to her, than me. I deserve more and he should open his eyes for once to see, who is more important - his wife.

Technically I am not his wife yet, but the reality is not too far from it. I have to wait just little bit more. I have to convince him to finally marry me or he will be too old by the time he decides to make a move himself. Edmund is so hard headed, it makes me mad, very mad. I want to slap him for his rudeness at times like today. In front of my friends and his slave, he had no shame to ditch me and order me, like I am in the same position as that girl.

I struggle to keep my hands in place, I am ready to pull my hair out of frustration, but it will be a shame to look at myself later in a mirror of what monster I have made of myself.

I can't help but sigh. Need to calm down and need to find Edmund. Maybe he is alone and we can spend time together all alone.

Where could he be? Edmund? Edmund....... Maybe in his room?

As I open the door, I am faced with nothing. No one is in his room. Is he avoiding me? A window is wide opened, long curtains sway, as far as to the middle of the whole room. Wind is little bit too cold, to be allowed to fill a bedroom. How can he sleep in a room full of smells from outside?

My mind can't take it anymore and I decide to close a damn window. It is so big and heavy. I have barely managed to shut it. Do I have to do this? Where are the servants, who should take better care of my husbands room

enough, you would be a king long ago. You are just dragging it and make us wait endlessly. Me and people of Hadria. They need you, Edmund. I need you."

He stayed silent. I wanted so much for him to spill out his inner thoughts, but nothing is making him open up.

"What is stopping you?"

Edmund averted his eyes and looked outside, like trying to find something, which was not actually there. What is he thinking about?

"Is it her?"


"Thea. I have always thought, why are you keeping her? All these years in your house, even when you were not here. What was a point of it? Edmund! Why is she here?" I pulled his face over, so he finally looks at me.

"To.... work for me."

"Work? I haven't seen her do a single thing. Don't lie to me."

"She doesn't need to do such work as you imagine. Her presence is enough for me. Just for Thea being here is enough to satisfy me."

"What? What is that suppose to mean?"

"Nothing. You heard, what I said."

"Edmund. Edmund!" He chose to ignore me again.

"Just leave me alone for some time, Maria."

And just like that..... He have ruined all the wonderful mood of our time together.....again.

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