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"By the way Edmund, we haven't been anywhere for few days. I am very bored. A party is needed." Maria suddenly changed a subject.

"Yes! We could invite all the nobles, who live nearby and make it grand." Anna was becoming excited.

Edmund sighed heavily beside me. He didn't seem too enthusiastic hearing her plans.

"It would be nice to show everybody, how handsome and unique is my future husband."

Trio of girls giggled subtly.

"Maria, I didn't come to this property to party. I need some rest from everything." I got a grumpy vibe coming from my Master.

"But it will be just one event." Maria whined.

"No event will take place in this house and no more guests either, without my notice."

I didn't like the look on Edmund's face. If this conversation continues, his mood can become much worse. I don't want to see it. If it would be in my hands to change the atmosphere or anything in this room, I would gladly do it, just for the sake of Edmund. I rarely see him happy or at ease, relaxed and free of worries. Something always manages to sway him out of his light thoughts, as soon as he gets them. I feel sorry for him, as probably my Master has loads of work, deals or other businesses on his hands, which makes him tired, grumpy and a loner at such times.

"I 'hate' you, Edmund. You are so good to kill all the fun. Too bad, you don't know, how to make a lady happy." Maria complained.

I could not bear to watch, when Edmund's fingers were tapping an armrest of his chair. If it would be acceptable, he, most likely, would burst out and say whatever on his mind. Sometimes it seems they want to scratch out the eyes of each other. There is such tension between these two highborns, it could make a storm in completely calm atmosphere.

I have

"Do you understand, with who are you talking to? Show some respect, woman!"

Martha scoffed slightly, while glaring at both of us. In even steps Edmund closed on her, his eyes cold and white as ice. I felt a sudden fear for Martha. She didn't deserve another punishment for her rudeness towards a King of Hadria.

Edmund opened a door for her.


"... I am leaving and surely not returning."

Martha gave the last glare and disappeared behind a door, which Edmund have closed in hurry and frustration.

My heart was hammering in my chest. I thought, that Edmund will hurt her again, but for my relief, he just let her go with no unnecessary incident.

In the same manner, he was coming back to me, his eyes holding the same expression, as he was talking with a housemaid.

"Why did you address Maria by her name?"

I didn't expect to hear such question from him.

"She asked me herself and..... insisted on it."

Edmund found a stray piece of my hair and tucked in behind my ear, sending small tingle over the skin of my neck. I barely managed not to jump away of his strange move, which was something I didn't expect.

"Just be careful with her."

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