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Maria shut the door in front of my face. I lifted my hand to knock on it, but stopped midway. She might not want to be disturbed, maybe both of them....

Aimlessly my form moved away to the opposite side of the hall. Slow steps carried me further, even though I didn't want to wander too far. The Sun had reached the top of the sky. It's rays flooded opened space behind glass panes - so warm and relaxing felt the light.

Edmund and I have overslept our usual time of waking up. Actually, he slept longer today, than usual. I couldn't close my eyes all night.

I feel like I have been kicked out of the only comfortable zone in this house, which oddly can't be said at this moment. I didn't feel so relaxed anymore after Edmund's odd behaviors towards me, but that room is my only 'home' and only place, where I feel welcomed.

Servants have started their day long hours before, their forms walk on floors bellow, over the green patch of grass outside and attend their daily tasks. I am drawn to the calm atmosphere, but on my way there I realize, I have nothing on my body, just a linen nightgown. My dress is in Edmund's room. I can't go outside in such look, but neither I dare to enter my Master's room. I am defeated.

I sigh and drop on the cushioned bench near a wall facing sun lit windows. A small wave of happiness warms my heart and body. I feel my limbs getting weak and eyes heavy. The strong embrace of sun makes me sleepy and soon I give up, as it gets hold of my tired body and mind. The bench is too small to fully lay down, and I have no choice but to position myself in the most comfortable way possible to pass the upcoming hours.


"Thea! Time to get up!"

I open my eyes and see a shadow of Edmund - light behind him, like a halo, have turned his form in the image of an angel. There is only his voice which suggests my owner's identity.

"Is she always such a sleepyhead?" A soft voice next to him comments his angelic presence.

I rub my eyes and slowly pull myself up, feeling very drowsy nonetheless.

"I am sorry, Edmund. I am on my way."

Sleep was nice, but now I feel like a piece of jelly - so weak to even stand on my feet.

I hear him sigh heavily.

"Take your time. Eat something and later come to join us in guest room upstairs."

His calm voice have kept me relaxed. I was ready for a heart race, thinking he might be upset about my dis

y spill in tears.

" Oh! Edmund! You are back. I just told my ladies about how you are like, when Thea gets dirty."

All the girls giggled, but I could not make myself to face them, even not Edmund. He was the last one, whom I would allow to see my face.

He came further in to the room and sat in front of me and there was no place to hide from his gaze. He sat there and a small smile was painted on his lips. He probably thought it is funny too.

"By the way, how old is Thea?" Asked Rose.

"Twenty-one, if I remember correctly." Edmund didn't seem to be willing to move his eyes away from me.

"Does she have a man? I mean, she is old enough to have her own family." Rose continued.

"I believe not..." Maria said. "Right, Edmund?"

I saw him intently looking at her.

"It would be nice to get her a husband." Rose added again.

"Yes, Edmund. We should. Make her a married woman. Find her suitable man for her status, as soon as possible." Maria said after some time of thought.

"I won't."


"In my household no one is getting married against their will and she won't either."

"But that is a normal thing for us to pair our people." Said Anna.

"You are free to do it in your property. I will do my way in mine."

That have left the girls sour.

Even Edmund looked displeased, about where the conversation have lead.

I on other hand felt very interested. Not that a man would be chosen in my place, but just a thought of finally being able to have a chance to have a real family and more significant people in my life.

Someone to love and be loved.

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