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I could not possibly stay in his bed. As soon as I felt comfortable, I slipped out. Edmund probably was too drunk or tired to understand, what he was asking of me. It scared me, that he will wake up and get upset of me laying next to him.

I have moved back on my fur rag. Sleep did not come until the very early morning. Only then my eyes became heavy, but my heart never stopped beating. I wished, that this was the only time he have decided to pull me under his covers. If someone else have seen this.....? Oh my... I wouldn't want to face the consequences.

My senses are not shut down, while my mind tries to relax and get so needed rest. There is a movement from Edmund's bed. He might be waking up.

Heavy thumping shakes his bed. After some moments it happens again. He groans in discomfort and probably from the awful feeling, that alcohol have left.


My body stiffens, as I hear him groggily call my name.


I nearly jumped out of my sleeping spot, when his hand landed on my face. Like a blind person he was trying to find me, but it have made me more freaked out. I blocked his hands from my face, when his fingers were poking me. Edmund grabbed me by a wrist and slowly his head came over the edge of his bed. He looked sleepy, even though he had plenty of time to rest.

"Why are you sleeping here?"

"This is where I sleep..."

"Not the last night, as I remember."

I couldn't tell, if he was being sarcastic or dead serious. His face didn't show anything, only hangover he was in.

Edmund gazed upon my embarrassment filled

as thirsty. I came to get the water for him."

"Edmund? No one have taught you basic manners? You should show some respect, at least to your owner."

I could see her slowly becoming upset.

"I am s...sorry Ms. He doesn't like, when I address him in proper manner. It was his order to call him by his name. I... would never think of disrespecting my Master."

"You are quite a piece... Thea!" She smiled sweetly. "I will give him this water. You just carry it to his room!"

"...yes, my lady."

I followed Maria, as she slowly swayed closer to his room.

"Edmund.....Edmund......" She sang quietly, it sounded almost like thoughtful chanting.

In no time we have reached a door and I nearly opened it, but she stopped me.

"I will give him this, you stay here or find something else to do."

A jug was taken from me.

"OK, my lady."

"Call me Maria."

She smiled and entered a room, leaving me outside. I was very puzzled and unsure of what I heard was not my imagination.

Did Maria really wanted to be addressed this way?

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