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Edmund straightened his back as soon as Maria came in. He looked very disturbed.

"When did you invite them?"

"Right after we left your 'castle'."

"You should have told me earlier."

With irritation present in his face he gave up on Maria, who had her hands cramped in his elbow, trying to drag him out to meet new guests.

In meantime I got my attention back in to a book I have picked. I guessed I will gave plenty of time to read, until Edmund returns.


"Thea! Time for lunch!" I heard Fiona singing, as she have stepped in library.

My face was red, heart flattered and I could feel a faint squirming of butterflies inside of me. I put a book in front of my face.

"Fiona, you really scared me." I exhaled.

"What's up with you? You look little bit ..... "

Fiona didn't finish, because she knew how I felt, just by looking at me. Her only response was light giggling.

"What happened?" she came closer.

"I... read this book.... and it made me feel... oh... odd " I smiled back shyly.

"Wait.... Is it romance?"


"Tell me, what it is about."

"Well.... a prince marries a girl from a poor family. They love each other so much, that no obstacles can split them apart. It was so lovely and warmed my heart."

"I think I have heard this story line, somewhere...... closer to home."


"Silly! It sounds almost like you and Master!"

"What? Have you lost your mind? In reality nothing like this happens. No prince is going to marry a poor girl. And....and.... I would never dare to think that way about Edmund. I am not allowed...."

"You know, life can throw all kinds of things our way. You never know, when you might get lucky."

"Fiona!" I shouted in whisper. "It is still unacceptable for someone like me to have feelings for my owner. Above all, he is engaged. Have you seen Ms Maria? She is a goddess. No one in a right mind would leave her."

"Are you sure? Thea, don't you feel anything for our Edmund?"

"? ... hmmm... respect... I guess..."

"I think you are lying to yourself."

She decided to open a window and breeze of fresh air filled a room, cooling

f the bathroom, looking very tired, his hair hang loosely over his forehead and little bit dump. Like a heavy bolder he rolled in his bed. His face hidden in pillows, he petted a spot right next to him.

"Thea! Come here!" Voice was smothered by the fabric of bed sheets.

"Excuse me?"

"Come, Lay here!" he have turned around and was watching me inviting again.

" Edmund... It is your bed.... I...."


What was he planning to do? Fiona's words came in to my mind. Cautiously I climbed in, it dipped under my weight. Duvet and silky sheets felt like soft, puffy cloud. This was the first time I have been in a real bed. Only I didn't want to get in trouble for this. I could feel my hands tremble, but I hoped Edmund didn't see how nervous I was.

"Sleep!" Master pulled himself closer to me.

As a snake, his arm came around my waist. He was so close to me, too close. I didn't know what he is planning to do to me and it scared me. I didn't want to be used, I didn't want to think, that Edmund is that kind of man.

"P...please, can I go?"


His face was next to mine. I could feel his breath and eyes watching me. He leaned even closer to me and whispered in my ear.

"Don't be so afraid of me..."

He said nothing more. For quite some time he slept next to me, holding me in his arms. Eventually I got a courage too look at him, but his eyes were shut, he was completely asleep.

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