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Edmund was scary. My heart was beating hard in my chest and I was sure, that he could feel it too.

My Master breathed hard in my face.

"Will you come by yourself or ....?" he said calmly, like he never was in hold of anger moments ago.

I shook my head immediately, telling him 'yes', while his hold was getting weaker on my jaw.

"OK. Then lets go back." He took me by a wrist and lead me back. Right before we entered a dining room, he let go of me.

"What happened, Edmund?" Maria asked with curiosity present in her voice.

"Thea just had a small wave of sickness. Nothing serious." My Master took a napkin and continued with his breakfast. I tried to appear as casual, as possible. Maria seemed to buy it. She smiled like a person with no single worry in her life.

"Hmm? Edmund? Are you comming to a party tomorrow night?"

"What party?" his face showed no interest in subject.

"Lord of Almeck is hosting an event for his children and everyone is invited to join, especialy young ladies and gentlemen." Rose added too eager to be a part of the conversation.

"Yes. I, Rose and Anna are going, you should too." Maria pushed harder.

"I don't have time for that."

"Oww! Come on. It would be too rude to leave us 'all ladies' completely alone. .... What are you going to do then? Sit and watch out the window at nothing the rest of the night?"

Edmund took a break from his half eaten desert and stared at Maria. Seemed he wants to say something, but his mouth was shut tight.

"It would be a good chance for you both to build up relations with other high society members and lords." Suggested Anna. All of them looked intently at Edmund, what could be described as ' puppy eyes'.

"I bet everyone would be so excited and honored to see you attending it!"

"I won't, Maria. Thats my final word."

"But we need to spend more time togeth...."

Only one glare of Edmund made her stop instantly. She averted her eyes at me, clearly offended by his attitude.

"Then I will take Thea with us. She needs a time outside of this house."

"Thea is not going anywhere!"

I felt very awkward

ically possible my jaw would have dropped on the table with a loud thud. Would Maria do such thing? She didn't seem a person, who would do something so unethical.

More questions swarmed up in my head too many to chose from, but something interested me more than anything. I have wondered about this from a time I arrived here. Edmund have always treated me differently. He have always reminded me of who I am, but his actions are so different from any other person, who views me as a slave.

"Edmund? Why did you buy me?"

His gaze snapped at me, but I hold on to it, even though my instinct was to hide behind a book. I have asked something I have never questioned. I have always assumed I was here to work, but that is something I am doing the least, while he have been here. Also now, when he have returned, Edmund have not made me do anything. He is acting different too and I am so confused of his intentions towards me or why I am even here.

He smiled. First it appeared very light and genuine, but then it turned into his mischievous smirk.

"You are here to 'work' for me."

Was that it?

My Master stood up, put his newspaper carefully down and came up to my table. His form leaned over it, shadowing my form.

"Also to keep me com...."

"EDMUND! Here you are. You should come downstairs. My family friends have come here. They want to see you!" Maria swooped through the door suddenly.

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