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When I opened my eyes, I found myself in Edmund's room, on my old fur rug. Last thing in my mind was a park, me and Edmund talking. I remember, I have felt very tired, but how did I end up back in the room?


I lifted my head up, but he was not in the here. Bed was empty and looking on the light outside, it seemed an early morning. I have overslept. It is been a long time, since I have missed my duties. Why for, some reason, I have woken up in a wrong timing, when Edmund is back, when I am supposed to do my work?

I run up to the door, but then stop. What do I need to do? Clean? Bring a meal to Edmund? What does he want? I walk around the room trying to figure out my next step. I am stressing out, as more time I sit here and ponder. Martha... She always has a job for me. No, no, no.... Edmund. Edmund is my master. I should ask him.

This dress. It is too big and pretty. It is impossible to freely move around, not even talking about doing some work in it. I need something more comfortable.

"Why are you running around like trapped chicken?"

My head snaps to a doorway. Edmund. He is dressed up and fully awake.

"I... I am sorry, Edmund! I overslept! I am on my way! Wh..what do you need?" I said almost breathless, my heart was running faster, than my thoughts.

He calmly and casually closed a door.

"Calm down, Thea! Stop! Stop running!" He put his heavy hands on my shoulders, which made me stay in place. "First, you need to come for breakfast by a dinner table, with everybody else."

"Your parents have returned too?"

"No. I have brought few guests with me. You need to be introduced." He said firmly.

"W..why? I can have my meal with servants. I don't want to bother your 'guests' with my presence."

"I said, you will come to eat with us!" He have lowered his face to my level and stared at me hard. I could tell, it was a look, which said 'don't disobey me'.

'But....' My thoughts wanted to break out, but I stayed silent. I didn't want to see Edmund's bad side. Something I saw yesterday, after he have been with Martha. Martha.... What happened to her?

"Martha! Where is she?"

He has already

d sweet, it have left a bitter feeling in my heart. So strong I am unable to take another bite.

"Please, excuse me!" I say to everyone around the table.

"What's wrong? Wasn't it good enough?" Maria chirps in her girly voice.

Without taking a second glance, I head to take a fresh intake of air in a small garden. My heart feels heavy and it hurts.

"Thea? What's the matter? Why did you left?"

Edmund is already behind me.

"Go back and finish meal with us!"

I stand against a column on the first few steps of the stairs, my sight set on garden. I feel my Master's presence right behind me.

"I can't do it. It.... is too good for me..." I feel a tear escape from a prison I created for these long moments by a table. "You shouldn't give me all these things, make me live a life, which will never be mine, to be reminded again of who I am after."

"Remind you? Yes, let me REMIND you, that you are a slave, Thea! You will do, eat and wear, whatever I want you to. Now, get back inside and EAT!"

"I won't go back." I tried to suppress my crying.

Next moment I see Edmund right in front of me. He have taken hold of my jaw, forcing me to look him in the eyes. He looks angry. I can see it now. It is not his usually calm and stoic looking face of anger. I can feel his agitation in the grip on my body, it is uncomfortably strong.

"EAT or I will shove all the food down your throat with force! It is my order!"

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