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It took some time for my heart to calm down. I finished my bath, dried my body and I was ready to put on a dress Edmund have placed next to me. It was dark, maybe more than my first outfit, almost in a shade of deep night. The fabric felt silky. It was much far better, than anything I have ever got my hands on - beautiful.

I tried it on, it fit perfectly. Gazing on my reflection in a mirror, it almost made me feel like a princess. A princess in a king's palace.

I was hesitant to go out of this room, to face Edmund. There was something about him, he have changed. I don't know, if it is my 'new' Master or it was only a rare expression. He left me very confused.

"Thea! Thea? Where are you?" Fiona whisper shouted behind a bathroom door. "Thea...... WOW!" She stopped, when she set eyes on me. "Thea! You look gorgeous!"

Fiona walked around me, while admiring my new outfit.

"My Lord is going to spoil you." She grinned in full happiness.

"It feels so weird...." I shy away.

"Oh.... This is not, why I came. You have to see this! Follow me!"

"To see what?" Her sudden change of face expression made me curious.

"My Lordship! He came to me and asked about you, about the years he have been away and things you have been going through. Didn't you say anything to him?" Fiona talked in quiet voice, like telling me a biggest secret no one should hear.


"Why? At least you could tell about Martha. She can't get away of beating you like an old, dusty carpet."

"I am sorry. I couldn't make myself...."

"Well..... At least he knows now. I told him everything. He.... he could have got it out of me anyway, even, if I was told to stay silent. Master looked pissed off......, angry.... more scarier, than I have ever seen him..."

"Did he go mad?"

"No... Not like that. It was the lack of expression on his face, that made me shiver. Thea, he is not the same, naive boy he used to be. He

ell me anything about Martha, about everything, that happened to you?"

I looked away. I never considered my opinions and needs and voice an important thing.

"You shouldn't have done it to her..."

"Do you mean to Martha? She should have been aware, not to mess with my property. It is only fair, she gets her deserved punishment."

"But not like this, Edmund! No person deserves to be beaten up!" I looked hard him in the eye, but internally, I felt very afraid of his reaction to my sudden outburst.

"Did you want to see her public execution instead?"

My breath got caught in my throat.

"Also, did YOU deserve to be hit, Thea?"

I didn't know what to say anymore. Everything was so overwhelming, it made me almost cry.

"We wrote you a letter..."

"I know.... I mean... Fiona told me. I never received it. And I have a guess you never got your dresses and candies."

"No..... ."

His hand took hold of mine. It was warm and big, but his move made me uncomfortable. I gently tried to slip it out of his grasp, but he tightened his fingers.

I felt his breath hit my cheek. He was so close to me all this time as we talked.

"Thea! Look at me!"

Slowly I moved my eyes to face his pearly gaze.

"No one is going to hurt you again. I promise you that."

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