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The delivered news brought a smile to my face. I have not seen him for so long, that I am starting to forget the image of his face in my mind. My heart is beating hard, I have mixed feelings.

"Aren't you happy, Thea?" Fiona's voice bubbled in my ears.

"I am."

"Really! You look rather..... confused."

"I am just nervous of, what I will see.....him. I am sure Edmund will be different, than he was years ago. I don't want to get my hopes up for no reason."

"Do you think, he have forgotten about you? Thea, you silly! I know my boy. He is still thinking about you. I feel it in the air." She threw her hands up.

Fiona looked so happy, like I have never seen her before.

"When is he returning?" I said calmly.

"Tonight, Thea! Tonight! We have to get house ready and everything else..... oh my lord..... Edmund."She disappeared as quick as she came.

I couldn't hide the feelings from myself – excitement, nervousness, longing.

I hoped so much, that he will be the old Edmund I know, but deep down I have a feeling it will not be the case.

I carry two buckets to one of the bathrooms in the house, when I remember about Edmund's room. I have not been there for ages and I don't know in what kind of state it is. Is it even opened? Oh my god! Will I have time to even take care of it until the time he arrives?

He told me to take care of things – his room, Storm and myself. What have I been doing all this time? I feel like nothing. He will be angry, if he sees his room in a mess. Have somebody been there?

I rush with my tasks to all parts of the house and unnoticeably the day goes to other end, making me more anxious by every passing moment. I am tired, hungry and sleep is nagging me already.

Martha have not been paying much of attention to me, as she is busy organizing the house for master's coming back. Everybody is running around like crazy.

I have finished my part of work and I am ready to go and check up on Edmund's room.

Standing in front of it, I feel little bit hesitant to enter his space. It almost feels like I have never been allowed in his personal living area. It pains me, as I realize, how much my life have a

to my ear, it sent a light shiver over my skin.

Right, I have completely forgotten, that I was always allowed to bath in that room.

"I still need to get water for it."

"Hmm." He opened a door and let me out of his room. I scurried to get the buckets and warm water for a bath.

Warm bath.... When was the last time?


I have submerged my body in delightfully comforting warmth, my body is stiff, but I try to relax. I feel so wrong for doing this, for being in this room, bathing and using appliances, which are not mine.

At a time I have managed to make myself free of worries, I hear a soft click of a doorknob. My body stiffens and I instinctively curl up, covering myself and my naked flesh as much as it is possible.

Even footsteps near me. There is silence, no words, no other sounds disturbs the aerie piece in this room. There is only a faint sound of water ripples and barely audible breathing of me and..... Edmund. It is him. I know it, even though I am not able to see his form.

I feel him right behind me.

"I have brought you some presentable clothes." He says smoothly. I hear them placed beside me on the table.

There is a long silence. None of us is moving.

Then I feel his fingers touch my upper back, very gently, but with purpose. I tense up. I am almost unable to breath.

He leaves without a single word. My heart is left beating like a maniac.

I feel like it might stop any second now.

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