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"Where have you been the whole day? Don't you know your place, slave?" Martha's fist around a stick tightened.

"I was busy." I said and tried to not show, how anxious I was in her presence.

On the way coming back I was hoping my absence will be unnoticed. I had done nothing today, but instead, I have spent time in stables 'playing' around with Storm and James. I enjoyed it, though. It was so refreshing and different, compared to my daily life. I wished it would never end. Now my happy world seemed to be crushing down in front of Martha.

"Busy? With what? Chasing butterflies?"

In my mind I could almost picture that kind of scene. I would have done it, if a day was a bit longer.

I did not answer, there was nothing to explain to Martha, who would not listen anyway.

"Come with me, you ..." she gritted her teeth in hatred.

I was dragged by my arm to servants house, then further down until we reached a basement. Air at this hour was cool down in the room. Martha pushed me down with such force, I buckled down on my knees, smearing my dress with dump dirt covering the floor.

A whip of her stick connected with my back suddenly, I even didn't have a time to react.

"I will teach you how to disobey and vanish from your tasks. After this, I hope you will never think of disappearing again."

Then came another hit, which made me scream in pain. It hurt so much, my body felt like on fire. I could not think, that such harmless piece of wood, would make a pain so strong, as it was now.

I could not make her feel satisfied with punishing me. She is in no place to do it. She is not my owner..... only Edmund.....

After another whip my mind went plank, I could not form a single thought, my cries were the only sound in my ears.

The beating

by, but my life was still the same. Frequent beating from Martha, hard work in between. I try to stay strong, but eventually I will break, I feel it, but how much will it take, I don't know yet.

Sometimes I go to stables to hang out with James and ride Storm, which I have become better at. It is my only source of happiness in this place, everything else have turned in to a gloomy looking world.

Martha beats me after a day spent in stables, but she doesn't know, where I have been in hours absent. It is my little secret, which makes her furious. The beating hurts, but I have learned not to cry anymore or scream. Sometimes it works better for me, as she gets bored of seeing no reaction out me.

Every punishment have left scars behind, my back is crisscrossed with streaks of previous hits and most recent ones stay dark for couple of days after Martha's work.

I am carrying buckets of water throughout the house and help servants with cleaning.

"Thea! THEA!" Fiona is shouting and running towards me full with excitement. "Thea! I have wonderful news!"

She is breathless by the time she have reached me.

"Young Lord is coming back! EDMUND is returning home!"

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