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The lamb's tiny limbs wiggled in the air as the baby attempted to move. It looked so cute, innocent and fluffy, I could tell it was born maybe hours ago, but full with it's young energy. James placed it carefully in my lap, which made me shed some tears of how adorable this tiny creature is.

The lamb's life had just started and I hoped it will be a good one.

"Here! Take these buns. Eat them!" James was presenting one in my face. It smelled nice.

"Thank you." I couldn't help, but cry at his generous act.

Food tasted out-worldly, I could tell, it was made with great care and love.

"...Fiona?" I said, looked at the half bun and pondered.

"Yeah! She insists, that her lovely husband gets her own cooked, delicious meals."

We laughed, when James mimicked Fiona's usual, kind behavior. I adored both of them. They have met their match, they fit so well together. It's been years since they wedded and even now I can tell they still think fond of each other like newly in love. I can't help, but giggle at the thought. I hope one day to meet someone nice too, to spend the rest of my life together and hopefully not too far. Fiona and James both live here, so they are constantly together like two love birds. Well..... at times, when James is not taking care of Wiltshire's animals.

I just hope, that it will be OK with Edmund. Will he let me go?

"What about you? I ate all your dinner..." I said sadly.

"Don't worry. I am not so hungry."

Storm was still nickering in the background a


I sniffed and took all the courage in me to lift myself up. I was so high up, Storm's stomach was moving slightly as he breathed deeply. He didn't look so frightening from this point of view, but the distance to the ground started to make me nervous instead.

James continued to lead us outside. Small breeze was brushing over my skin, which made me calm down little bit. Oddly enough, it started to feel very relaxing and I forgot about Storm's notorious character.


I walked back home and as closer I got, the more depressed I became. I will be faced with Martha and jobs she will give me and I think she will be very upset about my absence whole day. I didn't want to return. Today was a great day. I enjoyed the time spent with James and a ride with Storm and returning home, meant my slave life will be back in it's play.

Upon entering I already see Martha with grim face expression and her stick in her hand, which she carries around time to time.

I do not like the sight of it.

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