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Over the years my life have grown harder. I never received a response back from Edmund. For very long, I wondered, what happened to the letter we wrote, but now all of it is forgotten and buried deep inside my memory.

I could write another one, as Nicolas once showed me how to write. I practiced by myself in a dark hours of the night, when I was free of Martha's watchful eyes. I am thinking, maybe Edmund did choose not to send a letter back to me? After all, I feel like I have never been so important to him, as he have always been to me. It makes me sad. I should not feel this way, I should not expect any kind of affectionate behavior from him. He is my master, my owner, I am just an 'animal' to him, to most of the people.

A distant memory popped in to my mind, which oddly made me crack a tiny smile. Edmund told me, I will be his pet at my first day here. Now that word just sounds so cute and innocent, not like then, when I was so young and afraid.

I am no longer a pet in this house, but a slave to it's full extent and meaning.

My work have been hard and at some instances even unbearable. Martha enjoys torturing me, whenever she is getting a chance. I do my work well and try hard to finish her given tasks in time. If I wouldn't, she would be more on to me, than it is now. There are times I slip away, just to get some time for reading and my other studies. Martha had not caught me yet. I feel glad. I have been doing a bad job at tasks Edmund left me. I haven't been in his room for ages, no time for visiting Storm and also not enough work put in to books these days.

My stomach hurts. I have not eaten well. Sometimes I don't receive food at all and it starts to affect my work performance. Whenever Fiona has a chance, she gives me some scraps, which are easier to deliver me. I long for a filling meal made of tender meat and fresh, succulent vegetables and something sweet in the end to satisfy my hunger.

tiny moments of peace and times of plenty are long gone. I am back were I was before. At my miserable life.

Between my sobs I hear a low rumbling coming from somewhere near me. It is a horse, I know it, but when my eyes come up, I see two dark eyes watching me, as it continues to lowly nicker. It is Storm. His looks have not changed at all in years, only now he appears much calmer, that I remember him being all the times before. Seeing this animal here after such long time makes me feel even worse. I have left him alone, even though I was ordered to take care of him. I did nothing in his good.

I sob for a while blocking out all the sounds, wanting to be alone and invisible to everyone around. I hear footsteps and my guess it might be James. I don't bother to look up. I see his feet in front of me, slightly blurry. He is just standing and saying nothing. Does he enjoys seeing me like this?

"Thea...! I brought some food for you and .... something else. I hope it will cheer you up little bit."


"Thea! Look up!"

I lifted my eyes and back at me looked two odd, brown looking ones. James have brought a lamb and was holding it in his arms, as this animal was very quietly enjoying the comfort he have given him.

I could not help but smile at a little creature.

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