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I watched my fingers. They were scratched with red, nasty cuts and felt so sore to even slightest touch. I couldn't finish pot cleaning in time. Only after midnight I got my rest. Not in my usual sleeping spot, though. The door had been locked and I could not figure out were to lay down until next morning. I went back to servants wing and curled myself up near a stove for warmer night.

The first sound in the morning was a heavy screeching from wooden door at the entry of servants kitchen. Time for work again, I thought and tried to collect myself for another day of Martha's torture.

"Thea? What are.... why are you here?" Familiar voice of Fiona got me up.

"Martha have locked Edmund's room." I said with bit of sadness in my voice.

"You could have come to me and James. Why didn't you?"

"I didn't want to disturb you. It was very late and ...."

"Owwh, Thea." Fiona rubbed my back, which gave a comforting feeling to my sore body. "I have good news. Nicolas said he will help us to write a letter to Edmund. We should go and see him soon, before Martha gets to us and take our time away."

I felt so happy. At least we will be able to contact my master and tell, what is happening here. He would be able to tell Martha about his orders and state of me here. I flashed a weak smile to Fiona, as a sign of gratitude.

"Have some breakfast and lets go. Nicolas is busy man and later he might not have time for us."


As we arrived at Nicolas room, he was already up, fixing up his attire for today's work in a mirror.

He have always looked like a noble to me in his stance and how he carries himself. Only his butler's clothing suggested his true oc


"What are they about?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Your books?"

"Ah.... Those.... . Most of them are about social etiquette, rules also things of how to manage household and staff members."

" The S..ocial....Mir .... mirror..." I read a title on one of the covers quietly."

" are a smart girl. I didn't know you could read so well!"

I smiled shyly. "Edm..... I mean.. Master taught me."

"Hm! So generous of him." Nicolas took a book in his hands and watched it for a moment and at the same time stroking an imprinted emblem on the cover. "This one is old. Sir Wiltshire gave it to me, when I arrived here. Very helpful... Take. You should read it."

He presented a book to me. I took it feeling very unsure.

"Are you sure?"

"Hundred percent. You should always keep broadening your knowledge. It is yours now, a present from me."

I smiled at him with joy filling my heart. I have never received a present in my life.

Edmund might have given things to me, but he never specified their meaning. This was something new to me and exciting.

I could not wait to read it.

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