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"Where have you been, Thea? I thought you would never come." Elizabeth said in hushed voice.

"I am sorry I couldn't get here in time. All the work...."

"Come inside."

Her room was warm and it had a weird smell of herbs or teas, but not unpleasant one. Rather odd, not something you smell every day. It made me even more sleepy than I already was.

Elizabeth took my dress and sat beside me on a bed. She started to do some work on it, with a needle in her hand, but my attention was so week, I barely saw, what or how she is doing it. I felt my eyelids shut tightly after few minutes.


"Thea! Thea! Wake up. Your dress is done. Thea!" I felt Elizabeth hand shaking me gently.

It took me a time to register, where I was. With sluggish moves I put my outfit back on. There was a pocket made, hidden in one of the crooks of long skirt, almost invisible. There I felt my earrings, safe and sound, finally with me again.

"Thank you, Elizabeth. Thank you so much."

She responded with a small, warm smile. Elizabeth looked so motherly in a light of an oil lamp placed beside her bed. Of what I have seen today, she appears to be very mellow and gentle woman. With her calm voice, I am sure she could gain trust from everybody. Before I thought she might be like others, even though her appearance suggested her kind nature. You never know what hides behind these faces. Is it safe to trust people, you know nothing about? I hope this is not a case for Elizabeth - another person here, who can be my support...... I hope.

"Now, go to sleep. You surely needs a lot of rest."

A wide yawn broke free. "Good night, Elizabeth." I smiled at her too, with which she replied with the same expression.

My limbs felt like jellies and my eyes could shut at any moment again. I hurried back to Edmund's room, to find a place on my comfortable bear skin.

Today I

"You silly.... Most of us don't know how to write. I myself know only few letters. Can you write?"


"This is bad. I even don't know whom to ask for help. Before I would ask Adele. She was the most educated from us all, but now..... I doubt if other maids know.....and it would be too risky. We don't know, who is on our side, who would want to see you suffer.... . There is only one left..... A butler Nicolas."

I watched with hopeful eyes.

"You stay and do your work here, while I try to figure out something. OK?"



I scrubbed and scrubbed and a day seemed to drag forever. Earlier Fiona managed to sneak some food down in here. I ate some and the rest hid in a dark corner, where no one would dare to look, at least not Martha.

The light was not enough to see fully my work progress, but some pots have been done by now.

My fingers hurt as well as my palms. I could barely see through all the dirt, but I had a feeling they have started to bleed. I didn't know how much further I will be able to make my task done by night.

I felt like today will be another day without a time on my studies. I miss the time reading books and getting knew knowledge about various things.

I miss it, greatly..... .

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