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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 6222

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"First we need to get rid of this clothing you have."

"No. It is mine."

I didn't want her to take it away. I didn't care so much for my outfit, but more about earrings hidden in my pocket. Martha might throw my dress out together with them. I don't know, what I will do, if the jewelry will get lost. A promise was given to Edmund, that I will take care of them and keep them safe.

"Nothing belongs to you, understand? You are a slave. You probably whined this out of your master, didn't you?" Her face was just an inch from mine, as she bored in my eyes with anger.

"Hey, you! What's your name?" Martha shouted out to one of the servants passing by.

"I am Elizabeth. May I help you with something?"

"Take this child and give her proper clothing. Something more fit to her..... status. Then bring her back to me." Martha ordered in hard, dry voice.

I felt so hesitant to go along with Elizabeth. I didn't knew her well, only on rare occasions I have seen this woman with Fiona or sometimes attending Edmund.

She put her hands gently on my shoulders and took me away from this new, angry woman.

"Please, don't hurt me." Few silent tears rolled over my cheeks.

"I won't, Thea. Come. We don't want to get in more trouble."

I followed her to servant's quarters, all the way I cried and my heart hurt. Why Edmund went away? Since he is gone, nothing is going the same way it used to. There was always order around this house, or at least in my eyes, most of the time concerning me. Sometimes I messed up things or made him displeased, but he never acted unfair and he expected the same thing from others. Now it feels like my world will be crushing down. I miss him.

"Don't cry. I will find something nice for you to wear." Elizabeth hand glided softly over my hair.

I have never seen this side of Elizabeth. I felt weary of her all

or it all? So many rooms in this house, baths and water storing places.... I feel like the old life is slowly coming back to me, a life I have almost forgotten.


The end of the day was coming. My stomach rumbled and my limbs hurt of all the hard work I did today. I hardly had a time to take a rest, as Martha was watching me almost on every step. Seemed like she is enjoying the look of a small girl working and doing tasks, which are over her level of capability. I could do few rounds of carrying buckets, but doing it all day have really exhausted me. Luckily she have gone for a rest to her own room provided for her by owners and I have a space to breath and relax on my own.

Sky is getting dark and I suddenly remember about earrings I left in Elizabeth's care. I rush to servants rooms in hopes to retrieve Edmund's gift.

Just before entering the long corridor lined with many doors I remember about my daily studies. I was so busy, I even forgot about reading something at all. I will have to go and take a book right after I see Elizabeth.

I feel so guilty, that I have forgotten about my tasks given by my Master. No job is more important than those given by him.

After all he is a true Master of this house.

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