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Not too long after Adele's funeral, we were going to be introduced with a new housemaid. I could see an uncertain excitement in other servants faces. We have been still grieving over the last maid for few days. This new woman have appeared so fast... .

I could not be worried more. I was always told, that I am not part of them, should never be ordered around by others. In other words - it is not my obligation to attend an introduction meeting.

A curiosity is slowly taking hold of me, though. I want to see her, know who she is at least.

On my way to Edmund's room, for another day of cleaning nonexistent dust, I get a peek of household servants lined up. My Master's mother is there, with another woman unknown to me. I have a guess it might be her. On a first glance she appears to be tall and much thinner than Adele. Her dress was in light colors with some darker accents, so much more of someone much higher status, than even Adele used to be. This lady didn't look like a working type, her dress too extravagant for such tasks. Maybe she will change to something more practical later?

I stood near a stairwell, which lead to my next destination and watched the scene in front of me. I could hear nothing only sometimes see the face expression of those lined up. They didn't look happy, also Fiona seemed unsatisfied with a new offered boss for her.

Lady of the house left her side and headed away to do her daily routine. She glanced at me and I bowed slightly saying 'good morning' loud enough for her to hear. Edmund's mother acknowledged my greeting and then disappeared

ill not get unnoticed by our Lord. You have not met him. He might be young and seem naive, but he is not. He will take actions to protect, what belongs to him. You know nothing in how deep trouble you will be in at the time he will return."

I have never seen Fiona stand up to somebody before and with such fierceness and passion..... Was it for me or for the high respect to Edmund?

"Don't get on my nerves from the very start, young lady! I know, what I am doing."

As Fiona left, Martha dug her bony fingers deeper in to my arm and started to pull me away.

I protested.

"I can't go with you. I have work to attend and...."

"What kind of work? I heard you are doing nothing here. By who's orders is it?" Her voice was raising higher by every word she said.

"Edmund's. My master entrusted me with tasks, while he is away."

"You, little, pesky slave. Have you no shame to call your owner by his name? Such insolence!"

"Thea! My name is Thea not a 'slave'!"

"Keep quiet. I will teach you, how to respect those above you. Come, slave."

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