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For a day like this, weather was too good. Blinding light from sun was shining upon people gathered to say last goodbyes to Adele. She have left this household, her colleagues and this world all together to never return. She have died of illness, that had taken over her body and sucked out all her living force.

All servants are attending Adele's funeral, me and even Edmund's parents. She was very important member of staff and I suppose soon there will be someone else to replace her, someone, who will take care of us, monitor our work and will take responsibility with other expenses concerning the housekeeping.

I felt sad, I wanted to cry. Adele was nothing to me, a woman who hated and despised my existence. Whatever a reason for it might be, I knew in back of my mind, she must have been a good person deep down. Maybe she just chose to not show it to anyone. The way she talked about Edmund, suggested that she had some feelings for him.... motherly? Or something

eel. Excited or weary. Will she be like Adele? Better? Or worse? I just hope for the best. I have enough people in my life, who are not fond of me, I don't need more.

"I already miss Adele. You might not know it, but she was ..... a fair woman." Fiona choked on a sob.


We finished our meal in silence.

The whole night I was sleeping on my rag and thought about this new woman coming to work in this household. Does Edmund know about her? What kind of person she is? I have only guesses.

Soon she will be here and be our new boss......, but not for me.

Just like Edmund said, I am not a part of servants in this house.

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