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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 5585

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Days went by slowly and started to get boring. I spent my time cleaning his room and reading. There was nothing else to do. No food deliveries for Edmund, nor sorting out his clothes. He had taken almost all of them. In my free time I tried to concentrate on studies. With absence of my Master I have got much more time for it. Luckily no other staff bother me or pay much attention, what I do. Over the years, they have accepted me in a way, they are not my friends or anything, just their attitude is more indifferent, like I am not here among them. In reality I am invisible, indeed. I can't take part in any other house work duties, except those, which Edmund have entrusted me, but it is not a lot.

At first I was little bit afraid to be left alone here in this house. The main reason was Adele. She have not hurt me or done to me anything else, but I could always feel her hatred. I thought she will unleash it upon me after Edmund left, but nothing of that sort came. I am trying to not get in her way, in case I provoke Adele. I am sure, she would like to put me in place, if given a chance.

Lately Adele have been looking unwell... sick.... In the house, she is not so active anymore in her duties, frequent coughs fill the hallways, wherever she is heading. For last two days I have not seen her at all.

Lunch time is coming near and I am going to kitchen in hopes to find something to eat. My favorite is pheasant chartreuse. At rare occasions I have had it and it became my favorite kind of meal. I was hoping, that today they will be making it.


Somehow I had chosen a different route to servants quarters and now I have to go long way to get th

cent baby face. He had such short childhood. If he would be my child, I would have given him more, than his own mother. Will I see him again? Probably not.... not in this lifetime anymore....'cough' 'cough' 'cough'. You..... Slave..... You better take good care of him.. or I will haunt you in your dreams, slave.... ."

With that said, she became silent, only heavy breathing came from her evenly rising chest. I knew it is a time for me to leave.

Her words hurt, like every time she or somebody else chose to trow these nasty thoughts about me, about who I am by class, rather than seeing me as an individual, a person. Adele seems to be very fond of Edmund, which surprised me. I thought she is cold and strict and loves no one. I was wrong. I know nothing of these people, they hide behind their outer shell, which have been set by society most of the time and smother their true feelings under a thick blanket of fake facade. Just like Edmund. I have seen glimpses of his true emotions, which are always quickly pushed aside with his stoic looking face.

A face which he had chosen to show the world.

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