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"OK. ....when are you leaving?" I tried to suppress my tears.


For a second I lost my breath. It came so suddenly. Did Edmund made this decision just now or did he keep his plans secret from me much longer? From the next morning I will not see him for years to come. For him it might be simple to say 'do the same things'. I have done everything for him, only him.... I was never allowed to aid other servants or put a finger on things and tasks which didn't include Edmund in some way. It feels like I won't be able to function properly without him....

I have to try and overcome his absence in near future. I have to endure and be strong, patient until my Master comes back.

His pose went back to his stoic one. I could see sometimes, he is biting back his true emotions or feelings. I do not know what he feels or thinks. It is like a deep mystery to me and probably to everyone else he encounters. I would like to know his deeper being, but I am in no place to ever dig under his hard exterior to find a 'gem' hidden within his heart. A 'gem' I would treasure as much as jewels he gave me.

Whole day servants were running around the house and gathered Edmund's belongings for a trip to his main house on other side of, what used to be a former Hadria. At this time, it is another piece of land his family owns, but soon it will be one whole, as the eyes of new King will be watching over, along with other small countries, which are scattered around and ruled by various Lords. Oddly, in so many years I have never been to his other properties. This whole time he spent time here. Even his parents traveled around and left this house for many months, but Edmund never did. I get a feeling, he likes here, being so far away from a big hustle of

n a rainy day.

Edmund's mother and father was here too to say goodbyes to him, Adele, Fiona, Nicolas too and in the back stood James. He have come quite a distance from stables. Maybe they are better friends with Edmund than I thought....

I noticed Harry sitting on a couch box almost ready to go. He spotted me and flashed almost invisible smile, hidden behind his thick mustache.

"Good bye father, mother.... I will see you soon." Edmund's voice was cold as he talked to his parents.

"Have a safe trip, Edmund." His father petted him on a shoulder and I saw my Master's face relax for a second.

In years his relationship with his dad have changed, they have become much closer, than before, but nothing could be said about his mother. I have not seen her attempting to change anything, nor Edmund getting softer towards her.

"Aren't you going to say goodbyes too?" He was standing so close to me, I could feel his minted scent.

I could feel tears clouding my blue eyes. I didn't want him to leave. I shook my head, as words didn't want to come out at this moment.

"Remember what I said to you.... I will come back." Edmund whispered quietly in my ear."

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