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I felt so bad, that I had made Edmund upset because of my lack of attendance in these last few days. All of it happened only because of my decision, which I made - taking a bite of chocolate candy, a gift meant for my Master. It was poisoned. If Edmund would have ate it, I would not see him again, he would not be my Master and most likely I would be in someone else's home, in much worse conditions.

Edmund would be dead.

The thought of it made me cry even more. I didn't care what happens to me. I was no one, a person with no significance in this world. Edmund in other hand was more precious than anything..... or at least in Hadria, in these lands, for people living here.

I couldn't look up at him, I felt as if it was too much to handle. Edmund was silent for last few minutes and I started to question myself, is he even here? He was.

"Thea!? What are you crying about? ....."

"I....I am so sorry, Edmund. So sorry....."

"Will you stop? It is so annoying."

I wiped my tears and took a courage to look at him. He was standing near my bed, but not as close as before. The look of his face was something I have never seen in him. It was hard to pinpoint, what kind of emotion played there..... Sadness? Guilt? Annoyance? I have never seen Edmund wear such look. My Master seemed so vulnerable and exposed, compared to his usual calm and collective appearance.

It looked like he wants to say something, i was keeping myself quiet, awaiting his words.

"You better rest. There will be lots of work for you. You have missed many tasks, which I had in plan." It was all he said and then Edmund left.

Edmund was right. I was very weak, no strength seeped through my limbs, my eyelids felt heavy as stone. In some way I could be compared to a dead person.

'Lots of work' he said. Edmund always has something in mind, something new, I just wonder what he has planned for me in future?


I watched my long, black hair cascading down my naked body. They have grown so long, reaching down to my hips, if not tied. The strong color contrasted against my pale skin. As the warm water soothed my body, I tried to relax and prepare my mind for today's work.

I glanced around and tried to spot, where I have placed my towel, but could not see it. Maybe I didn't take it out from drawers.... I turn my head around, the water makes a subtle splashing sound, which echoes in Edmund's bathroom.

In a doorway I see him,

ill not be so pleasant.

"What is it?"

He turned around to face me, hands placed behind his back.

"I will be leaving this property for some time and you will have to stay behind, Thea. I have to attend important studies, plus countless meetings and events with people of other countries. In short..... lots of business and 'king' related ..... stuff..." Edmund watched me from above. There was nothing shown in his face, not even in his eyes.

"For how long?" I was afraid to hear his answer.

"Most likely for couple of years or maybe more."

"So long? What am I supposed to do? Who am I will be taking care of.....?" I could not help, but feel little bit of sadness, hearing his delivered news.

"You will do the same things." my Master put both of his palms on my shoulders. They rested heavily, like the burden of thousands laid in them. "Take care of my room, keep an eye on Storm, sometimes. The most important thing.... keep reading books. Never skip a day."

His pale eyes were looking for something in me.....

"Keep yourself in good health, eat well, don't ..... overwork yourself.... And..... remember you are still my slave, Thea. Even though I will not be here, no one has a right to order you around. I think there should not be a problem in that...."

A tear slipped through my eyelashes: "I will, Edmund."

"Aghhh..... What are you crying about now?"

"......what am I going to do? myself.....?" more tears found a way over my cheeks, as my eyes were now set on my feet.

"I told 'what', didn't I? Do and live, like I was never gone. I will be back.... I am not leaving you alone forever."

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