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Edmund looked quite tired, his hair were little bit messy, as well as his jacket opened half way. My Master leaned against a soft cushion behind his back and closed his eyes. I could not hide a smile, which was present since he returned.

Edmund opened one eye just slightly to glance at me: "What are you so happy about?". His voice grogily left his almost unmoving lips.

"Uhmmm... who is it going to be? How she looks like? Pretty?"

"Ah? You about that? Why should you care?" He straightened himself up.

"Because she will be my Lady too, just like you."

Edmund moved forward and looked deep in my eyes. There was only a small amount of space left between, he looked kind of threatening this close.

"I think you have forgotten something, Thea. There will be no other person in control of your life. You are MY slave, understand? Also I kind of don't care, what happened tonight." He went back to his seat and Edmund's appearance turned down, like it was before – calm and tired.

"I am sorry. I just would be....understandable if a lady of the house would be in charge of me too... after your marriage...."

Edmund peaked at me again through those thick eyelashes:" Do you want me to marry this young? I am only 12. There is still plenty of time for such things. Also, have you seen my mother bothering about you at all? SHE IS a Lady of our house...."

"No...... But.... don't you want to....?"

"It is like every other matter related to business- annoying." he sighed.

"Marriage is not business. It is a union of two people, who love each other."

"Hmmm." Edmund flashed a slanted smile:" Thea, are you still living in a fairyland? There is no such thing in a world of mine."

It kind of left me upset little bit. The way my Master thinks of such sacred feelings and rituals. There i

ognizable. It was Edmund. He sounded very cold and unemotional.

"Edmund?" I whispered.

"You are awake. Finally..."


"You have been gone for whole week."

"Week? Where have I been gone?" my voice sounded very weak.

"You were sleeping." the anger was building up in his words. "Whole seven days you were doing nothing, but being lazy.... a lazy...."

"I am sorry, Edmund! I did not want to...." I burst out in tears.

What have I done? I have made him very angry. Why was I asleep? What happened?

"You ate candy, right? That f***ing garbage, which was meant for me...?"

"I...I am....sorry....Edmund....." 'sob'. "I did not mean, I didn't want.... it just...."

"WHAT? Did it jump in your mouth by itself?"

I couldn't talk anymore and could not see a single thing. My hands were full with hot tears. I felt so guilty and ashamed.

"You could have died. The whole box was poisoned..."


"You left me alone for days, Thea! How could you do this to me?"

I felt his fist clench around a sheet covering my form.

"No laundering, my closet is a total mess and I can't even breath in my own room, of how dusty and filthy it is ... no food delivered....and....and....."

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