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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 6077

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I got bored after some time of listening to their conversations about dresses, money and the stuff only noble girls can experience. Some things I could not understand, considering I have not faced them in my life.

I wandered around the garden for some time, admiring flowers, people and fine weather. It was so sunny, it made me almost blind. When getting back up on the floor, where I last left Edmund, I saw no familiar faces. Not Edmund, the old man, nor a princess-like looking girl. I felt very lost and out of place. I was allowed to do anything I want. Had there ever been such a moment in my life, I have been given much freedom. I could not figure out at least one thing to do.

I decided to go back and wait for my Master by the carriage. I wanted to look again in eyes of his magical horses. They calmed me. I remember once I was put to sleep in stables for many days, that was where the owner of that time wanted me to be. He could not stand a thought of mere slave stepping in to his house. I was too small to do heavy work with horses, but he never cared. The only thing I grew fond of, were animals.

It was hard to find Edmund's horses, they were not stationed in the same place, where we left them. The carriage was moved further away to a special parking lot with the others. I glanced over to spot the real one. All of them looked so similar, with horses to match. How am I supposed to find ours here? Maybe I should go back?

I pushed myself up on my toes, to see those well taken care of animals only Edmund has - shiny and black as coal.

At the exact moment, when I spotted them, a heavy hand landed on my shoulder, pushing me back down on a ground level.

"Hey, little one! What are you doing here?" A rumbly voice of an older man brushed over my head.

He was skinny and not too tall

uld I ask you a favor?"

"What is it, sir?"

"I have a gift for him. Could you give this to our Lordship?"

In his hands he hold a small rectangular box - red and with a golden ribbon around it. It looked expensive.

"This? OK, I will give it to him..." I still watched the beautiful box. "From whom is it? What should I tell him?"

He put his gloved finger in front of his lips and shushed.

"A secret. He will know." He added a wink.

"Alright. I will give it to him."

"Bye, little princess."

He slipped through horses and carriages and was gone from my sight in minutes.

I looked back down at a gift box. It was not deep and was very light. I noticed, that it wasn't sealed either. I fought the urge to open it.

Nobody will know, if I just looked inside, just one little peek.

I lifted a lid and there it was..... many, many, different kind if small balls with chocolate candy, some wrapped in golden or silver papers.

My mouth watered and I desperately wanted to taste one.

I shook my head, remembering, that I am not allowed. It is exclusively for Edmund, not me or anybody else.....

But..... maybe no one will notice, if I take just one, very little..... only one....

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