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"Oh..." was my only answer.

So this was not just a party for rich people, but something more serious. Is Edmund really planning to get married? So young?

I glance up at him, he is busy talking with some older man with light grey and thick mustaches. This man has a quite round belly as well as his cheeks. He seems in very light mood, constantly smiling and laughing in front of Edmund.

Right.... my Master probably is waiting for his drink, I should hurry. Before I have managed to excuse myself from the young lady's presence, she stops me.

"For who is that drink in your hands, may I ask? Not for you.... I suppose." she looked in a glass from afar.

"It is for my Lord." I replied calmly.

"Do you think he will like it? I will give something better for him. Something more suitable for his highborn tastes." She immediately went over to a table with abundance of drinks and picked up a fancy looking glass with an olive green substance. This girl even didn't take her time to consider her choice twice. She might know, what she is doing.... as more educated person.

"Don't bother with yours." she smiled. "I will take this to him myself." She swayed a glass in front of my face.

I watched, as she elegantly moved towards my Master. I felt little bit down and nervous. Edmund ordered me to bring him something and what am I doing? Just standing here kind of defeated...

Upon seeing a young girl, the thick mustache man greets her with a wide smile, he snakes his big arm around her shoulders and moves her slightly closer to Edmund. Oddly, she doesn't bother to b

in same situation as Edmund and all other highborn kids.

A garden looks very similar to the one in Edmund's house, just plants and architecture is a bit different.

In time I find myself drifting closer to a spot with bubbling giggles of girls. Some of them have darker hair, some in the same shade, as those of a girl talking to Edmund. They look pretty, as the flowers in this garden. I stand near a wall not too close to them. Even though I am a girl, it is no place for me to be between these princesses.

"What do you think, which one will be chosen?"

"I think it will be Maria. Her status matches more to young Wiltshire, than ours."

"But....wouldn't be it nice, if he actually chooses somebody, who he likes?"

"He will like Maria." One of the girls pointed out. "Also she is the prettiest of us all."

They all sighed. They are so young and all that is concerning them is their possible marriage with Edmund.

"In fact, we don't know what he is after, what kind of girl he likes..... Maybe he does these things for other purposes?"

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