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Constant thudding from the hooves of the horses rang in my ears, as we got closer to town. I remember this road, from when the first time I was taken here. It feels like a distant memory now. My heart is hammering in me just slightly stronger than usual. It is like my first time in town, but at the same time not. Will it look and feel the same way as before? This place of sadness, loneliness and fright? I hope not.

So many things have changed in my life in just couple of months. All thanks to Edmund - my Master.

This time we are alone in a carriage. His eyes are set on the scenery outside and his well dressed arm is supporting his chin, like the heaviness of all world lies on his shoulders. I want to ask, what he feels, what's on his mind, but I am afraid to bother him. He might push me away the same way he did to his father.

I see the smoke of tall chimneys indicating the close proximity of town. The day is sunny and one could not wish for better.

"This event is very important, Thea. Many nobles will be attending it. I want you to stick by my side, in case I need something. Other than that.... you are free to do anything you want.... Just don't embarrass yourself." It seemed he is thinking loudly, but I knew it was meant for me.

The familiar chatting and sound of traffic surrounded us not too long after. I stared at the blank spot in front of me, too afraid to take a glimpse of outside world. I could see the scene in my mind of market and people selling goods. Such a dreadful and ugly feeling.

"Thea! Thea?.... " Edmund's voice echoed in my ears like a distant whisper.

"I am sorry...." I set my eyes on him and then I saw the town through the window on my Master's side.

Buildings with brown or grey looking bricks passed by. In some places a polished stone structure stood out, indicating the

ded to take one for my Master - a dark red and clear lemonade of mysterious ingredients. It smelled sweet, but I have never faced this aroma before. He will like it.... I hope.

"Who are you?" blond swirls of hair caught my eye next to me. "You are not one of 'home' servants...." A small girl around my age eyed me up and down.

" I am with Ed.... Lord Wiltshire."

"Hmmm. He has such a young servant. I think you are unqualified to meet his standards. I mean... too inexperienced." she sang in her delicate voice.

She had very bright blue eyes, blond hair and rosy, plump cheeks. This noble girl looked like a miniature princess.

"Ahhh. He is such a busy man. Probably he had no time to evaluate your skills...."

A man? Edmund? He is just a boy... Not much older than me or she. I could not call him a man, even, if he acted like one all the time.

"When I will be by his side, everything will change." she had taken a glass of juice and sipped from it while sort of daydreaming and keeping an eye on me at the same time.

"By his side?" I was totally confused.

"Don't you know what this event is about?"


"We .... I mean I .... am here to be chosen as his future wife, sweetie."

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