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Edmund was not in the room. I was afraid to go out with these earrings in my hands. What if something similar happens like yesterday? My heart was beating loudly as more time passed in silence.

I should leave them here. I don't want more trouble.

I looked on earrings for another moment. The flower on it looked so fragile and creamy white pearl with a hint of pink, reminded me so much of Edmund – his inherited eyes. These tiny things were even precious for him too, so why would he give them to me?

I walked up to his bed and placed the jewels on his snow white covers.

"What are you doing?" suddenly his voice scared me and I nearly jumped.

My hands trembled little bit. This was a first time I have seen him after the incident and I don't know what he is up to or how he feels or thinks about me. Does Edmund still think I stole them? I was afraid to even look at him, as my back was turned away.

"Thea!" he persisted.

"I...I didn't meant to take them.... I don't know how they ended up with me!" I started to panic, as all emotions felt yesterday almost came back up.

"How they ended up with you? This morning? I placed them there. Dummy!"

"Why!" I cryed silently. I couldn't understand why Edmund did dit. "I didn't steal them, I didn't steal.... Please, forgive me...."

"I....I know you didn't. ... I was in bad mood at that time and the ruckus you both made angered me even more. I did not think straight... I should have asked first."

I picked back up both earrings from his bed and turned around to face him. Small remains of tears were still glittering my eyes, but I tried to stop the remaining ones from escaping. Nervously I extended my hands with jewels in my palms in front of Edmund. His eyes watched me, almost boring into my soul and then he averted his gaze on his belongings.

lden buttons. My hand in small pockets on sides were gently touching the earrings he gave me. I will not loose them and I shall always keep them close to me. I promised it to him. A part of me had a special attachment to them. These earrings were the most precious thing I have ever seen in my life... the beauty of them and the fact that they were a part of Edmund made them more valuable than anything else.

Edmund's father whispered something to him, which made boy's face turn in small scowl.

"Are you sure you will be alright by yourself?" I heard him say in grumpy voice.

"What did I tell you, dad? I can take care of myself."

I have seen many times, that his father is trying to get closer to his own son, but Edmund always manages to push him off, leaving no space for another attempt. I don't understand, why he does that. Why he is so distant from his own parents?

And this time it happened again. It hurt me in some way. Edmund should be happy, that he has both of them. I have never seen my parents - not mother nor father. All my life I have been alone and I would cherish every moment, if only I could experience the feeling of family just for small amount of time.

"Get inside, Thea!"

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