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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 5737

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After Edmund left me, I stood in the middle of his room for few hours. It was a strange feeling. It felt like I have been turned off for eternity. All the emotions I experienced were still boiling in me like freshly erupted lava, which most likely were so strong, that it made me disconnect with the real world.

It hurt me so much, that he even didn't try to hear my side of the story. Just assumed everything Carla said was true. Maybe he trusts her more than me? After all she have been in his household for many years and have proven herself to be reliable. Me on other hand ... Just more than a month have passed, maybe two, since I have arrived here. I am a slave and I understand that someone of higher ranks would not bother to take my thoughts in consideration. What did I expect? That Edmund will protect me from another unfair treatment? I have forgotten how bad my life was before and compared to that, this should be nothing, I should feel no different than all those other times my previous masters punished me or accused me of things I might have not done. But this time I felt different. Edmund was somebody who treated me differently, like I was a human being, like I mattered, just little bit. And it made me feel worse now, that he switched to the typical noble man's actions.

I don't know why I feel this way about him. I don't want to see him mad and angry, sad and lonely. I want him to be happy - a side of him I have never seen yet. Maybe only a tiny glimpse, ... in his garden, but even then I am not sure what was it, what he really felt.

I could not stop crying, even after so many hours. My eyes were sore and my cheeks have started to burn slightly of all the wiping and bruising I ha

re in my limbs. I could barely move and curl out of the ball I was in whole night. I sensed a heaviness on my shoulders and I wondered what it might be. My eyes were still shut tight. It definitely was warm and silky. I did not feel the cold, as it was biting on my skin last night.

At the moment I opened my eyes, I felt something in my hands. It was pinching my skin lightly as I have squeezed the bits in my palms while I slept.

I thought this is another dream or a nightmare taking on me after the experiences of yesterday.

Shining brightly in my palms lie earrings I found under Edmund's bed. Was it real? How did I get them? An urge to drop them straight away was overwhelming, but then .... I did not have them when I fell asleep. Edmund was talking about these jewels. He had them and now they were in my hands. What is a meaning of this? Why....?

I lift my body up and the weight on my shoulders falls off. I see a duvet on the floor covering my body. It is not mine or any other person's, but Edmund's.

Maybe it have fallen off from his bed? Must be it.... And earrings? What about them? Why they are back in my hands?

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