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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 6529

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"No. I found them. Under..."

I could not finish, as she cut me off: "Don't lie to me, slave. I saw you rushing away with these. You wanted to stash them somewhere safe, right. Just wait until Master hears about this. You will have lots of problems." She sent daggers in my way with her squinted eyes.

"No!!! I... I..." I started to panic slowly. It was not true. I did not steal and never such a thought crossed my mind. Why is she not listening to me?

"Keep quiet. I don't want to hear any of your lies." she hissed and grabbed my upper hand strongly. In seconds I was pulled against my will to wherever she have decided to take me. It was hard to keep up with her speed. Her angered moves hurt my hand very much. I thought she would tear it out.

We stopped in front of library doors and I knew she have lead me straight to Edmund. For some unknown reason I felt afraid to face him. What if he does not believe me?

This servant pushed the door wide open with force and I saw Edmund's face, as he was sitting on a couch on far end of the room. A slim and quite young woman was in front of him holding a book. Her eyes came to the commotion we both have stirred up upon entering a library. Now Edmund stared at us unpleased as probably we have disturbed his studies.

"Carla! What is this? I have told to not disturb me at this hour." his words were cold, but very demanding.

I saw Carla step back in realization, what she have done, but her face still hold that anger which she had towards me.

"My Lord.... "she stuttered.

Edmund gave a subtle wave to a young teacher, who was present the whole time. She quietly left and we were alone – me, Carla and Edmund.

"What is it?" he sounded annoyed.

"This girl stole some valuable things." Carla nudged me hard.

I shook my head as I watched my Master slowly stand up from blood red sofa.

"What did she steal?" he eyed me suspiciously.

I did not like this at all. The dread f

disappear and be somewhere far far away. Away from my pathetic life.

I spun around and run towards exit in hopes to leave my aching heart behind. But something stopped me, just before I managed to get out.

"THEA!" Edmund shouted in full voice.

His voice was more threatening than ever before.

"I DID NOT ALLOW YOU TO LEAVE!" in instant he came and blocked the only way out.

I was trapped by his presence. I could not move any farther even if I wanted to. My mind was paralyzed and all that was there, was a sense to obey. Why? Why is it so hard for me to go against somebody's will? It is like my mind is shaped that way to ever and always obey commands of others.

Edmund was watching me from above, as little height as there actually was. My hands came up to my face and I tried to shield myself away from his gaze. I didn't want him to see me look so miserable and crying and I didn't want to see his face either – full with unsatisfaction.

"You are not leaving! You will never be leaving this place, remember that. Never ever."

With that he left me standing in his room. I felt out of place, like being somewhere where I didn't belong, lost all of a sudden. I didn't know what to do or where to go. Edmund didn't allow me to leave, but neither he said what I should be doing.

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