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It was shining like a mirror. The black marble floor could not look much cleaner. I have spent half a day of cleaning it. Like other days, Edmund was busy studying and I was left alone for many hours.

When I got to know, he will be a King, my respect towards him grew even more. Not because of his status, but of how hard it must be on little boy's shoulders. From his birth he is been prepared to become a King. Edmund is working hard every day to someday fulfill his roll as a leader, that he hardly has a spare time for himself, for his own personal needs, things he would like to do or how he would like to behave, appropriate to his true age. He acts like an adult, thinks like an adult, but deep down I still see a young boy in him. Behind his firm facade and that hard stare he is young and innocent.

I notice my outfit is wet in some places, as I have been crawling on my knees the whole time I was polishing the smooth stone. I will have to wash in time I am not wearing it, probably late at night, so that for next morning I have a presentable look. For Edmund everything needs to be perfect – clothes, the jobs have to be done well, the appearance have to be taken care of as well as proper be

my fingers and with a tiny 'clang' drops on the floor. They roll down farther down the hallway in front of a servant, but I cannot remember who she is.

The adult woman looks down and then back at me. Behind me a person I bumped into is mumbling some curse words, but my ears are deafened by blood rush of my excitement and sudden shock of collision.

Servant in front of me picks up the earrings and examines them both.

"Where did you get hold of these, girl?"

I inhaled my breath deeply few times. "I...I found them in Master's bedroom."

"Really?" she eyed me suspiciously. "In young Master's room? Why would he have such things in possession?"

She gave me another hard stare, like trying to squeeze out something else from me, than words I have said.

"You stole them, didn't you?"

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