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I was sitting opposite of Edmund by a dinner table, together with his parents. I greeted them respectfully. Both of them seemed to be in calm mood and I hoped it will stay that way. My master motioned for a servant to bring food for all of us. I felt very uncomfortable. I was in no place to be present at the dinner with so high class people. Also I could feel a jealousy coming from girls serving us. I would be happy to have my meal with other workers, but Edmund's thoughts were different and I was in no place to object his wishes.

His mother's hands moved quickly and elegantly with the silverware in her lady like fingers. Father looked very confident and proud, as he took a first bite of prepared supper. Their son wasted no time and started his meal, but me on other hand, like every other time, hesitated, before making a try to get a correct hold of fork and knife. I was definitely better at it, than the first time, but could not be compared with a skill of my owners.

"How was your day?" asked his father, breaking the long silence.

"Nothing special happened. Just studies and endless homework." Edmund replied nonchalantly.

The rare conversations they had always sounded so awkward and distant. I could see, that his dad tried to communicate with his son, but Edmund's answers were short most of the time. It was a small talk, witch lead to nowhere after few sentences. Sometimes I could not understand who was avoiding who. His father stopping his interest suddenly or Edmund making it noticeable, that he wanted no more word with his old man.

His beautiful mother said no word the whole night. She seemed to be occupied with her own thoughts and paid the least amount of attention to anything around her.

Time after time I gazed on Edmund's unnatural eye color and on those of his parents. Why does he look like that? Who is he? What is he?

He gracefully placed

had a very specific trait, that no one else possesses. A mark which get passed down to next generation and a mark which grants a right to be a next king. And soon there will be a King again, who will unite this land, as it was once before."

"How... do you know it? Who will be the new King?"

There was a long pause from his part, like he did not want to tell the rest. Was it some kind of secret?

"Right now you are looking at the next King, Thea. The King, who will unite all countries will be me."

I was really shocked hearing his words, that all that came out were empty words with no sound. Was he talking truth or was Edmund making fun of me again? I could not tell. His sight was still set in distance, far, far away. He did not look happy nor proud of position he claimed to be in.

"The special mark of a true King is my unique eye color. Only him and his family possesses it. For three hundred years no one had seen a sign of his blood line until I was born. And from my first days I was granted a power no one in these countries has. All because of my true blood line."

Everything came in place suddenly. All the bugging questions and mysteries about him were just revealed by Edmund himself.

So Edmund will be a King of lost Hadria.

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