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I watched my face on Edmund's dark shiny floor, while I cleaned it. This is one of the tasks I am to do for him every day. Also cleaning and sorting out his clothes, but that usually comes with Fiona's help. I am not so skilled and I think Edmund does not trust me with such important job to be taken care of only by me - a child.

As I look in my reflection I see that I have gained some weight. My complextion is healthier looking, with rounder and rosier cheeks. It have gained some color of liveliness. I feel better. More strength and energy seeps through me, all thanks to foods Edmund orders me to eat. I don't mind, but I always get those stares from servants around me, especially from Adele. Seems like I am on her nerves, but I never remember doing anything to her, to receive such cold attitude. Months ago she got scolded pretty bad by Edmund for giving me a food fit for pigs.... or even worse. I don't know what my Master told her then, but now she does everything she is asked in concerns of me.

I am no part of their class, even though I do the same jobs. I am told, that only Edmund is allowed to order me around and no one else has a word over me. It is hard for me to comprehend my situation. I am a slave, but better taken care of than a servant. I have more freedom than them, better food and clothing. What am I? In my head a concept of a slave is totally different - someone who works without a reward, endures the punishments for even minor mistakes, has no voice. What am I to Edmund - a slave?

I shake my head to dismiss the thoughts and continue to scrub the floor. My master is laying in a

does not remind me at all of his parents. Only his father a little bit. They both have the same colored hair, the shape of their eyes and those thick dark eyelashes. In later days Edmund might look like his father with the same kind of physic - broad shoulders, lean, sturdy body and quite tall too, but not now as a child.

His mother looks nothing like him. She has dark blond hair, wavy and always put up in fancy hairstyle. Her body is a lot smaller than her husband's. Edmund's mother is very beautiful with those light brown eyes and for my surprise her face looks rather kind. So I am not sure what kind of person she is..... very quiet and mysterious. She does not talk a lot....

But none of Edmund's parents have those strange eyes. None of humans seen in my life have ever had such a bizarre color. Maybe he is not a child of his parents? Maybe that's why they are so cold to him?

I don't know what to think about it.... I am little afraid to just ask him, why no one in his family seems to love him. What if he gets angry?

Maybe some day I will know answers.

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