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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 4172

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"... yes..."

Edmund was back in his mind for a moment.

"Come, eat this."

"E..Edmund I can't. It is your meal. I... I am fine." Nervousness was still holding on to my body.

"Thea! What did I told you before? Do as I say!"

I could not disobey Edmund. I walked up to him and watched the food on his plate. Like the first time, it looked so delicious as something out of this world.

"But this time you will use these." he showed me fork and knife, made of shining silver. "I won't allow you to eat like animal anymore."

Cutlery looked like a foreign tool in front of my eyes, even though I had seen them many times before. I felt like it is not acceptable for a slave to ever think of using such tools. Have someone ever considered such option? Never in my life, but here, Edmund have decided to give me the ones. For what? To laugh at me?

My hot skin conected with cool metal. In one hand I hold a knife and in other – a fork. I felt very awkward and Edmund's eyes on my hands made it worse.

"You are doing it wrong. Don't hold it with your full palm, but with your fingers, like this."

My master took a fork out of my hand and showed me how it is done. It looked so simple and from his point of view must look the same, but

also had golden looking fine buttons. I could feel a texture of it – slightly rough, but not even comparable with servant's forms, it had higher quality.

I am a slave, always have been. And now I am wearing clothes better than servants – free people. Why is he doing this? Why Edmund is giving me these things? I don't understand.

I see his head peaking through doorway, watching me in his chosen clothing. I am so overwhelmed and I feel a single tear fall down over my cheek.

"Why....are you giving me all this?" I say in slightly shaking voice.

"I told you. I need you to be presentable enough to be next to me, also when seen by other people. You will have to understand that once. You are now a part of the highest society in my country, in my land, no longer a slave of poor peasants, but a slave of a highborn."

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