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It was such a waste of food. If it wasn't meant for me, then they could at least give it to someone else. Fiona's face was painted in slight shock.

"But Mrs Ad..." Fiona shut her mouth tight after seeing Housemaid's hard stare. Then under her breath she mumbled, but loud enough for everybody to hear. "Master might not be happy about this."

"Fiona! Watch who you are talking to. I am still in charge of you." lady in black said in arrogant voice.

The young maid brought another bowl filled with plain looking gruel, devoid of any particular color. It was still better than staying with no food at all. But... I could imagine it won't taste like the food Edmund gave me yesterday.

"Eat. And hurry up with a food for young Lord. AND don't spoil anything on the way." Adele said, looked over all the servants in kitchen and turned on her heel to leave.

Fiona looked at me apologetically.

I quickly ate the contents in my bowl, thanked and proceeded to take the food to Edmund. I hope he will not be angry. I don't know how much time have passed, but I had a guess it have taken longer than it suppose to.

Trolley run smoothly on the stone path. I reached the house and then stairs, which lead to Edmund's room. There was more than one dish for him. I could not carry all of it in one go upstairs. A jug of juice was here too. With care I took one plate and carried it upstairs, all the time making sure I don't tr

irectly at his meal.

"Uhmm.... yes ....Master..." my response was awkward. This was a first time I addressed him properly.

A muscle in his jaw twitched little bit at my last word. He made few more chews and then said not even looking at me: "Edmund. Call me Edmund, Thea."

Did I hear him right? Does he want's me to call him by his name?

"Is... is it right for me to say it....?" I felt so nervous like never before.

"Thea! Don't question me!" he said harshly.

"Y..yes, ma....Ed..mund..." his name came out of me like a whisper.

"Well, what did you eat?"

"...some kind of gruel."

I heard a loud clang and saw his fork have fallen on to his plate.

"So it means – nothing." he picked it back up. "Who gave you?" now his eyes were on me.

"Fiona, but..."

"But, what?"

I did not want to tell, but neither I wanted Fiona to get in trouble, for what she has no control over.

"...housemaid ordered her..."


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