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My legs started to hurt by the amount of time I was standing and waiting for Edmund beside the door. I lowered myself against the wall and sit down feeling very exhausted. My stomach was empty and nothing gave me energy after a long walk outside.

Edmund was talking with someone very important in this room, I had a guess. I could see it was bothersome for him, Edmund's face showed it clearly, even though he tried to hide it.

Light footsteps came from hallway along with cheerful laughs. Someone was coming. I stood up and prepared myself to face whoever was on the way.

Few people were walking slowly, but only one who caught my eye was a woman in beautiful dress. Her waist was thin and a bottom of the dress almost looked like a cake decorated with lace and gems. It's creamy color almost blended in with her skin tone, if it wouldn't be as white as clean paper. Her blue eyes were shining brightly almost competing in beauty with crystals on her dress. She looked very beautiful and elegant with her blond wavy hair and for her age, she almost looked like a young woman.

Her laughs echoed through hallways.

"Look! We have a child here." she pointed at me with a fan in her lady like hand.

"Maybe she is one of servant's kids? Must be lost." A male beside her said in to her ear.

I tried not to stare at them. I wished I could be invisible now and they would leave me alone. It was hard to listen in their comments as though I was not even present.

"Shusss! Shush! Get lost child! This is not a place for you." She tried to push me away with her fan like some kind of animal or pest, too afraid to touch me.

"I...I am not allowed to leave." I said quietly.

"Just listen ....! She talks!" woman laughed arrogantly. "You seem not to know your place." Her voice cut in my ears. "Just wait until I tell about you to Young Lord Wiltshire. He will n

rents by dinner table. Poor thing. Master must be hungry like a wolf by now." Fiona let out a small laugh. 'Don't worry, Thea. I will get something for him. Do you need something for yourself too?"

I hessitated.

"Tell me, what are you allowed to eat? Did Master tell you that?"

"No.... "

"Shame, how he have forgotten about you." Fiona put her fingers in front of her lips and giggled like a young girl.

She quickly put some food for Edmund on a trolley, covered them in fancy dishes to keep them warm. Her hands moved so quickly, looked like she is used to this all the time.

"Here is something for you too." Fiona put a small bowl on trolley as well and smiled sweetly.

"What is in there? For who?" older woman in a black dress interrupted. I remembered her and my guess was, that she is a housemaid.

"It is for Thea – this girl. I am afraid she have not had a meal today, so I gave her..." Fiona's face was serious now.

"You should ask for my advice before you decide what kind of food to give a slave."

She peaked in to a bowl and then in lightning speed threw it out in a trash bucket. Then calmly placed a bowl back on a table watching me with hard stare. "Give her gruel from other kitchen." was her final word.

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