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Five minutes have passed and I still have no sight of Edmund. Maybe he left me? Went back to house?

I take few more steps and then out of nowhere I am knocked out by him. He jumps on me and I loose my balance and fall flat on my back. His face is split in wide smile as he laughs at me and finds it funny seeing me helpless on the ground.

"I found you! What took you so long, Thea? You didn't even try hard enough." Edmund said breathless.

"I.... I... please, can you get off of me?" my breathing was becoming heard and my heart raced, as time dragged while he was on top of me.

Edmund stopped, he rested his hands on the ground on each side of my head and I saw his smile slowly disappear. He was looking deep in my eyes with his pearly looking orbs, which made me feel uncomfortable. After like eternity his head came closer to me. Some fine locks of his brown silky hair fell on his forehead sending small tickles over my own skin. I could feel his breath, it had a faint scent of mint and something else and those eyes were serious, almost angry looking, I could see his dark eyebrows frown.

"Thea! ... Never order me around!" Edmund's voice sounded threatening.

ike he himself.

"Thea, we are going back. Get up!" my master said not even taking a glance at me.

Tears were still coating my cheeks, but I quickly wiped them off. In small steps I closed in on Edmund. I followed him anxiously. Black man behind was taking it's time, not hurrying up a bit.

Few minute walk seemed to drag like hours. We did not say a word to each other. I was afraid too, because he was looking like somebody who would want to punch the first thing in front of him. Did I angered him so much?

He stopped me in front of large door: "Stay here and wait for me. Don't go anywhere."

"Y..yes, master." I lowered my eyes at the last word.

Edmund walked in gracefully and I could hear an older man's voice greet him until door shut tight and I was left alone.

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