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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 6084

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I hesitantly walked through the dark halls in order to get the hold of Edmund's lunch. Afraid to loose myself in this huge property, I looked for recognizable sights. This archway lead to servants house, I was certain of it.

If I don't get back in time, he will be unpleased with me from the very start.

Just not long ago we returned from stables and garden – different than that one behind me. His horse was something to watch out. So full with energy and crazy, like a wild animal. I am even surprised how anybody can take control of him? Somehow I did. What was it about me, that he decided to follow and comply?


We let him loose somewhere near the main stables and went to look at other animals stationed in it. All the horses looked beautiful, big and healthy. The stables were clean and tidy. James went back to work and Edmund kept telling me things about the horses and mentioned their names too. It was quite overwhelming seeing so many of them. After that we went back to the main house through the same path we came. I could see Edmund enjoying the freedom. His face was relaxed and he seemed a bit happy, like a child he should be. That was a face and a person I wished to admire, but I knew that that is just my imagination. In reality Edmund is arrogant, snobbish and really mean at times. Very proud of himself too. I have no idea what else is hiding in him considering the amount of time I have spent with my new master – only a day or two... Right now in this sunny day and on a lush field of grass he looks like a mirage to me. Too real to be a truly good and kind person.

We walked whole way in silence. I kind of enjoyed it and felt in peace for a moment after so much time spent experiencing bubbling emotions. I walked on the side of the path, short soft grass was touching my skin, s

ike you suppose to?"

"I don't know.... I haven't tried..."

"Do you want to?"

I shrug my shoulders.

Edmund did not wait for clear answer but came to me.

"Now, listen. I have heard of a game. You count to ten and in that time I will find a place to hide. After that you have to find me." he smiled sweetly.

"I....I can't..."

"Close your eyes!"

"... I ...."

"Do as I say!" he pushed harder.

I hesitantly closed my eyes. I felt ashamed..... I did not want Edmund to laugh at me and think I am stupid.

I felt his hands around my body as he was spinning me, I still had my eyes closed. His breath hit my ear and he whispered: "Now count to ten and then try to find me!"

I inhaled the air deeply and tried to remember the numbers.

"One......two...." I heard leaves behind me shuffle. "Three....... ...... seven...... TEN!"

I opened my eyes and saw no one. Edmund was gone. What am I suppose to do? My head is still spinning slightly.

Right. He said I have to find him. But where might he be? In the bushes? No.... Edmund wouldn't go in there.... I looked around, but did not know how to really play this game nor how to find him. The garden was huge and he could be anywhere.

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