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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 4859

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"James? What have you been doing?" Edmund left me sitting on the ground.

He headed straight to a boy still standing up on the hill, leaving me in a mercy of this horse, who seemed to be so interested in me. It was breathing hard and two huge dark eyes were watching me. I could tell he still had bubbling energy sitting within him ready to be released. His feet were restlessly stumping the ground too close for my comfort. I felt afraid to move. Just like with Edmund, I did not want to spook or anger this animal.

Somehow through the shape of the horse I got a glimpse of two boys in a distance. This boy - James - was bowing low in front of my master in apology I guess. Like everybody in this property, he seemed to be wary of Edmund's reaction and paid the most highest respects to him, like to a King of the nation. I could not understand, how Edmund being so young could have gotten so much power?

Horse's head came right in front of my face and he inhaled a deep breath as well as sniffed me, it's breath heavily fanning my flustered cheeks like wind. Then it threw his head up in a playful motion, like enjoying himself.

I felt two hands grab my form and lift me up to my feet.

"Oh my god. Are you OK? D...did Storm hurt you?"

I turned my head around and saw James looking at me worriedly. He was low on breath after running down the hill.

"S...storm?" I asked in shaky voice.

"Yeah, Storm. Horse." he said and reached to get

tail was raised as well and head so high, it was hard for me to hold mine up. I was so tiny by his side.

"See? I knew you can do it." Edmund complimented me.

"Yeah! She has better skill than I do." accompanied James. "Maybe we should switch places? You take my place at stables and I will be Lord's little puppy."

Puppy? Yeah, I forgot. What am I to Edmund? Just a pet.....just like he told me himself.

"You don't have a skill to be my 'puppy'. Stay in place, where you belong to."

"My apologies Lord Wiltshire. I did not mean it to sound like that." James quickly blurted out.

"Apology accepted." Edmund said arrogantly, but there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Meanwhile James gave me a wide smile, behind Edmund's back.

It was warm and welcoming. James really seemed like a nice person.

Strangely I have met more nice people in this household, than in all other places combined.

Maybe a life here won't be so harsh as I imagined?

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