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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 7660

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"Shouldn't some adult take care of you? I mean.... you are still a kid...."

"Everything I need is provided to me by servants. Other than that, I can function on my own. I have a full power of this house and everything else. I get everything I need."

"Uhmm... Sorry for bothering you."

Then he was quiet, like being in deep thought about something. Does he really gets everything he needs? It must be hard for such young person to function on its own. But he has a point. He has loads of staff at this huge house, who take care of every single task given them. Just on flick of his fingers there is always someone to aid Edmund. I on other hand would perish if left alone. I have been lucky to have people, who at least helped me to survive in this world. My mother died giving me birth and soon after that I was switched from one home to another. As soon as I could walk and understand the world, my slave life began. Up until now I felt little bit of gratitude for those few people, but after experiencing this hard life I have grown to hate it. Sometimes I wish to have been taken away along with my mother when she died.

"Come, I will take you to servants quarters, stables and will show you the garden."

We walked downstairs along the garden. The hallway ahead was getting darker and it started to look less posh than rest of the house. I could see a field of green grass ahead and other buildings made of grey looking bricks. They were not as tall as the rest of the house, but nevertheless the height was impressive. Couple of servants were making it's way along side the wall. Upon seeing Edmund, some of them scurried away, their heads low. They seemed to be relaxing before or taking the rest on the bench. Edmund's presence sent them straight away back to work, I suppose. For this enormous house there must be hundreds of servants and in this building.... hundreds of rooms only for them.

We were nearing one particular door - brown, made of dark wood or it was just old looking, heavy metal hinges hold them together. For taller person it looked too low and I could imagine every time for going through them you would have to duck slightly.

Edmund opened it with ease. Few steps were ascending to a lower level. It looked like a storage room for food and such thing

e feels so happy just about that thought alone.

I noticed a young boy on the hill where a huge oak tree stood. Under it a big black horse was going crazy in a hold of this boy. It was a very massive animal. It's mane was long and thick swaying wild in the light wind and by motion of it's crazed moves. The horse was pulling strongly on it's reigns, clearly putting a strain on boy's weak arms. He looked panicked and defeated, while the animal was showing it's tantrum.

Edmund stopped and whistled loudly by my ear.

Their heads snapped back in our direction - horse's as well as the boy's defeated one. On a momentum of surprise, the black animal pulled out of it's handler's grasp and wildly galloped in our way. I could feel a land under my feet shake by it's heavy beating steps. Horse closed in on us and I saw Edmund stepping aside from me leaving me exposed in a direct way of this wild creature. My heart was beating louder than the hooves of animal heading straight at me. It did not seem to be willing to stop. Fear grasped my form, but I could do nothing. I will be trampled over just in seconds, if a miracle does not occur.

I fell on the ground, when a horse came just inches from my small form. It have stopped just in time. It's breathing was erratic and his nostrils flared in excitement. Animal was watching me as well as Edmund. But on my master's lips a wide grin was playing.

Did he want for this animal to kill me?

I knew it is not a case, but the scene must have looked like it from afar.

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