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"Hey! Wake up!"

A nudge on side of my back woke me up from pleasant sleep. I didn't want to open my eyes and see a person who will be a hell of me.

It was an odd feeling. I had not have such good night in a long time. My sleeping place was comfortable and soft, warm. Quite a contrast of all the previous ones - floor or a dirty haystack were places I used to sleep. Despite the comfort, my mind was working nonstop whole night around. If it wouldn't be for that, I would have the most wonderful sleep in my life. Worry and anticipation was eating my mind away, making me wake up again and drift back to darkness time after time. It felt like a little nightmare, but made by my own conscious thoughts.

Who is this person who pokes me again?

"Come on! Get up! We don't have time." a young voice ringed in my ears again.

My thoughts drift back in to reality and now I have a clear knowledge of a person behind this voice - Edmund, my new master.

"Do you want to sleep for little longer?" he was looking down at me and poking me with his naked feet to shake me up again.

He was holding hands on his hips and a look on his face suggested he is not pleased to see me all drowsy and unresponsive. Last night's meal and rather comfortable fur rag was doing it's work for me, making me still tired and sleepy.

I pull myself up and with one hand rub sleep off my eyes. I have to get up and see what he is up to, most likely Edmund will be introducing me with my work duties.

I feel weak, th

he house are guest rooms, living room for them, garden a dining area as well. Here on the left is library, lounge, my parents room is at the far end in that tower." He gestured towards tower on other side of garden. We were standing in some kind of half balcony type structure, which overlooked the garden. His parents lived so far away from his own room.

"Do you see them often?" I asked quietly. I didn't not know if I am allowed to talk to him just like that.


"Your parents?"

"Not really. They are always busy. Sometimes my father accompanies me on some trips, but my mother is too busy with her own things, whatever those things might be."

"Then....who takes care of you?"

He looked at me strangely: "I do myself." A long pause dragged as he was watching me. "And from now on it will be your job."

Edmund's usually snobbish and confident face looked sad for a moment. I was wondering what he was feeling right now. Is it because of his busy parents? Or something else?

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