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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 3567

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?Do I have to force you to eat?"

I shook my head frantically to both sides. I did not want him to hurt me.

?And... you don't have to be afraid of me. I won't hurt you. ......... unless you do something so bad that I have no other choice."

I gulped and reached for a piece of green looking vegetable I have never seen before. All the stuff on his plate looked so foreign to me. I recognized none of them.

?Not with your fingers!" Edmund exclaimed so sudden I dropped the piece back in it's place. ?Hmm... you don't know how to use fork and knife...."


?Fine. Eat it like that, otherwise you will starve to death by the time you learn. It would be such a waste of money. Also you need to put some weight on. You almost look like a dead person." He looked hard at me, but it sounded more like he is talking to himself.

?Sorry...." I said timidly, while tried to nibble with my teeth on the same piece of vegetable.

?You don't have to be sorry. It is not like it was your choice to become like this. Your previous owners should feel ashamed."

I did not say anything back. It was not my place to voice my thoughts about my previous owners.

For a moment we were silent. I was quietly enjoying taste of the food, savoring and cherishing every bit of flavor I could get. It tasted like heaven. And in front of my eyes a cup of desert tempted me to take a straight bite in to it. Chocolate, snow white cream and beautifully decorated pieces of colorful fruits made it look like piece of art. I was afraid to taste it. It looked so precious to me. I could not bare a thought, I will have to destroy it with my hungry mouth.

?.....Thea!...THEA!.... You know I don't like to repeat myself!"

?I...I am so sorry. I did not hear you..." a small tremble

went over my body. I did not want him to get mad.

He smiled: ?I said I have great plans for you."

?What plans?" I did not feel pleased hearing him say that.

?Do you think I will tell my intentions straight away?"


?First of all, I told you before, what you will become...., second – you will have some hard work ahead of you and third thing – whatever I do, I do it for my self good. I want you to remember, that you are still a slave no matter what kind of treatment you receive from me."

And for a second I though he might be a nice person, but what he said again proved me wrong. These people are not nice just for the sake of it. There is always a personal gain in their actions. So do Edmund it seems.

I don't know him, but I have a feeling he is very smart. Not just smart, like most of people, but more to the genius side of it. Something in his words and actions suggest, he is constantly working his brain, thinking... maybe plotting... .I do not feel at ease around him, as his eyes are following my every move - scanning my body for signs unknown to me, with those pale orbs. And Edmund definitely has something in store for my future.

He swiftly slides off the bed and moves to the other side, watching me through the corner of his eye. A subtle, barely noticeable smirk is playing on his young face. I see him taking hold of the fur rug with his foot and drag it slowly beside a bed. He roughly touches it and kicks slightly, until he seems satisfied.

?You will be sleeping here."

I peaked over a bed just little, to show I paid attention. There? On the floor? I felt a grim feeling come up in my throat. So it is true. I will be treated like an animal, sleeping like a dog beside his bed and will be forced to obey his commands.

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