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"Yes, young master?" a voice of a woman interrupted us.

"Fiona, she needs to be cleaned up."

"As you wish. I will take her to the baths." I was taken hold of my arm to be lead away.

"No. Bring the hot water here. She will be bathing in this room." came Edmund's order.

There was a bit of hesitation from her part, but this young woman quickly regained herself. I could tell she was not an adult yet. Her face looked young and pale with big green eyes. Hair was tied in a neat ponytail. It was short and I could guess, when she left them loose, they reached only to her shoulders. From her outfit, I could tell she is a servant, not a slave. Knee-high dress in color of ash grey seemed fitting to her, along with snow-white apron. She was a little bit timid in the presence of Edmund.

She went away, leaving me alone with him once again.

There was a moment of silence as he watched me. I stood frozen and nervous. I did not know what to expect from such a young boy, who was supposed to be my master. What kind of jobs I would be doing for him?

Edmund came closer and without a warning, he started to pull my tunic off of my body.

"Get this filthy thing off."

Instinctively my hands came up to block his attempts to undress me. My heart was hammering in my chest and my breathing was hard. I felt afraid. Did he expect me to stand naked in front of him? He was a boy.

Slowly I felt embarrassment crawl up to my cheeks painting them rosy red. I struggled to keep his hands away, he was so strong... . I with my weak limbs and unhealthy weight stood no chance in avoiding his persistent attempts.

Edmund roughly pulled the fabric over my shoulders and now I was standing naked in front of this boy. I couldn't help myself but cry in shame.

"P....please... I don't want this...." I whimpered.

"Thea, no one cares what you want. YOU will do what I want. And I want you to get in that bath as fast as possible. ... And stop crying. I have not done anything to you."

I could hear in his voice, that he was annoyed. The words coming from him sounded so mean, it made my heart ache, as well as all the times my previous owners said nasty things to me. He seemed so much the same as everyone else, only a lot younger. A devil he will grow to be, I had a feeling.

Fiona came in, her eyes lingered on me and the scene in this room. She was accompanied by another woman - older than her, each carrying two buckets of water. From one of them came a cloud of thick steam, while other looked to be cold water. They poured it in the tub, taking their time to adjust the temperature by swirling a hand in it. All the while I was standing beside Edmund squirming in shame.

"Elizabeth? You go and find something for her to wear. And..... tell somebody to bring me some food. I am hungry."

So the other servant's name was Elizabeth. So different from my kind. Names of normal people, free people, not like me, who had born in a world of slaving, to be such for the rest of my life.

Finally, Edmund left the bathroom leaving me alone with Fiona. I felt more comfortable with her than with him. After all, she was a girl, just like me.

"Come. Climb in, so we can be done. The master does not like to wait. What is your name?" Fiona's voice was calm and soothing for my ears.

"Thea...." I said

while wiping the remaining tears.

"Thea, get inside. Water is warm." Fiona's voice was not demanding, but more welcoming. It made me relax for a bit.

She helped me to get in, the tub was so big, I could barely climb over the edge. As soon as water touched my feet, I let out shaky breath. It felt so nice, warm and relaxing.

"I have never had a warm bath in my life...." I said quietly, like talking to myself. I did not expect Fiona to hear my words.

"You have never had one? Well ... there is a first time for everything." she smiled.

It felt like I can talk to her without fearing to be silenced. She seemed to be a nice person - something I have not met in a long time.

"W...what is he?"


"Ed.... my master? Is he human?"

A laugh bounced off the dark walls as soon as I asked her the question, that was burning in my mind since I saw Edmund.

"Hahaha.... human? Of course, he is, you silly girl." Fiona lowered her voice to a whisper. "He is just special. You will learn it later."

"Special?" I said under my nose while Fiona was washing my hair.

"Just like you." she smiled again.

"I am not special... I am just a slave...." I felt my tears come back.

"Sure you are. Why would a young master allow you to bath in his tub? Hm? No one is allowed to use his belongings. But here you are, in his golden bath." she giggled.

"How much longer I'll have to wait?" Edmund shouted from another room snapping us out of a relaxing time.

"Almost done, " Fiona replied to him in higher tone, so he could hear her clearly.

She helped me get out and covered me in a soft towel. It was simple and lacked the colors of those I could see on the shelves. It was not Edmund's I could guess. Fiona must have taken it from somewhere else. But for me, it was better than anything I had previously used to soak up the water.

Fiona peaked through the door, left me, and then came back with a piece of clothing in her hands. It looked like a nightgown. She gently pulled it over me. Finally, I was dressed up, better than being naked around Edmund.

"Come, the master is waiting for you." Fiona guided me back into his bedroom, her hand gently resting on my shoulder.

"You can leave!" he said to Fiona, waving with his hand to show her to disappear faster.

My heart was picking up the speed in his presence. His form was casually laying on his bed, hands supporting his weight as he eyed me.

Those eyes..... how can a human being can have such eyes? Fiona said it is because he is special.... Or is it because of these mesmerizing eyes, that he is considered special?

In the middle of his room stood a trolley with food, which Elizabeth must have brought earlier. It had some vegetables, brown, glazed meat with some kind of sauce and a foreign-looking desert. But oddly nothing was touched.

"Do you want something to eat?"

I shook my head in 'no'. I was not allowed to just ask for food.... was I?

"Come and take this. You have not eaten the whole day." Edmund presented food from a trolley.

I looked at it one more time and than back at him, feeling very unsure. Was he joking? How could I be allowed to take such food? It was made for royalty, not for a being like me.

"It is for you. All of it." his face was serious and I could tell, he is not joking.

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