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The ride went on longer than I expected. We left the buzzing of the city and continued our way through countryside. I though Edmund is one of the city boys, but now it seems my assumption was wrong. I gazed out the window trying to find something interesting, but nothing was there, only barren fields of green grass. No other houses and no other activity. Just over the fields white dots were scattered over the greenery, which I assume were herds of sheep.

"For what purpose did you buy her? I think you know we have plenty of people in our summer house, who can take care of you." Edmund's father finally spoke.

"It is not your concern, dad. I bought her because I wished to. Like I said, she will be my pet."

They both conversed like I wasn't even there.

"Aghh... Whatever. But remember the whole responsibility will lie on you in regards of her. In my opinion I wouldn't care less what happens to her."

"You talk like you have ever cared about such things." Edmund made a remark, which did not affect his father in any way.

I was expecting his father to get mad about such insolent words coming out of his son's mouth, but there was no indication that it affected him in any way. How could he talk like that with his own dad? Does Edmund have no respect for him? I could not understand a thing about their relationship in a short moment I have witnessed it. It seems like Edmund is a father figure and his old man is a son. So bizarre.

I felt the road under the wheels of carriage change to smoother, less bumpy one. We went through the large metal gate deeper in to the garden I suppose. I did not see the front, all my view was set on scenery behind. There was a light grey wall spreading on each side decorated with carvings of strange plants, animals and demons.

Carriage came to a halt and Edmund's father was first to leave. We were left alone. He eyed me for a moment, not making an attempt to exit and head inside his home.

"Welcome to your new home, Thea." he said seriously.

Right then he opened the door and jumped out, I could hear his feet connect with a fine gravel on a path. I followed him, when he gestured for me to get out too. Small bits of gravel were pinching my naked feet and I wondered how I will be able to walk all the way to the house without whimpering in discomfort.

To my view came a sight I did not expect to see. It was not a house, well not a house for my standarts. It looked more like a castle. The polished stone it was made of was much lighter, that the one used on the walls. A wide stairwell lead to the entrance with enormous double door and with guards by each side. It had some very detailed carvings on, but I could not make out the details from afar. There also were colored glass windows, archways and pillars so large I have never seen before.

I remember them saying this is a summer house. I did not want to think how their main house lo

oked like. They were rich, very rich. I had never worked for anyone so wealthy before, which kind of made me scared a little bit. In my experience I have learned, the more money they have, then more cruel they are as people. This family was too rich for me to comprehend. I just hope they do not meet my expectations in regards of the way they treat people like me - slaves.

I followed this boy farther inside the castle. I was faced with the same luxurious sight, it was beautiful. Paintings, furniture, deco.......

"Stop gawking and hurry up. I don't have time to wait for you whole day." Edmund snapped at me.

There it comes.

I was expecting something of those lines coming out his rich mouth. How could such young boy act like this? These are just my first steps in this new environment, but already I see the first signs of the attitude I will be receiving in the future.

I followed him in a hurry, my small feet slightly hurting on each step I took. For such a small boy, his pace was fast.

"FIONA! Fiona!" Edmund shouted through the halls making me jump in surprise.

An older woman came out of one of the rooms upon hearing Edmund.

"Tell Fiona to come up to my room right now in a hurry."

"Alright, young master." she said immediately.

She quickly scurried to the other end of the hall.

In minutes we were in a room, which I assume was his. It was dark, in tones different than the rest of the house. A huge bed was in a middle against the wall with silky duvets and colorful pillows. The floor under our feet was almost black, made of some kind of stone and polished so smooth I could almost see my reflection. Beside his bed was a rug of unknown animal, a few cabinets and paintings of nature. There also was a door leading to..... who knows where. Overall it looked so much like a boy's room.

Edmund pushed me little bit in a direction of the door I was thinking about moment ago. The golden knob on it shone brightly in front of me and for a second I was afraid to even touch it, of how precious this insignificant thing looked. Edmund managed to push it open for me, before I had a chance to do it myself.

A bathroom.

It was so dark, black tones accented everything, golden rims of furniture and decors were shining brightly. Tall, thin windows let in just enough light, to not be able to be engulfed in total darkness. It looked pretty, as I could imagine golden rays of sun shining inside on sunny day. In a middle a bath in color of gold stood all alone, like a precious relic, forbidden to be touched or even bathed in.

Edmund now stood in front of me looking me up and down.

"You look disgusting. I can't have you around in such look."

I have heard such remarks before, over time, I have got to used to them, but hearing them from this boy, made my heart ache. The tone of his words was harsh and judgmental.

I could feel a tear welling up in my eye.

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