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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 4774

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I was standing beside a man who was selling me. My eyes glued to my naked feet - dirty with mud and tiny bits of dry hay, which have been scattered throughout the marketplace. A lump was sitting in my throat, too hard to swallow, as the tension in my mind was unbearable. Another home.... another master.... and another set of nightmares. Unconsciously I found my fingers fumbling on the rim of my torn tunic.

The day was gloomy, rainy and it made everything look like the world have lost it's vibrant colors. Or maybe it is just me, things how I see the world around me - devoid of beauty and happiness.

Looking up at my new master's family, I see the boy's old man glancing around somewhere in the distance, like the stuff in front of him seem to be bothersome. This boy with those strange eyes is taking control in handling the deal between himself a man selling me.

In my eyes he looks too young to be capable of understanding things he is facing. His stance is firm, confident, seem to be engaged in the matters of business. He looks so tidy and clean, not a single speck of dust has found it's way on his jacket. Face so serious, his pale skin shines in the grayish looking light, that masks the day. My eyes roam his face until they reach his bizarre eyes with thick black eyelashes.

Who is he? Is he human?

In split second those pale irises reach my form, my face and they look deep in my own eyes. Totally startled I move my gaze away. I am too aware of the fact it is not polite to stare or look at your owner in face by me - a lowly slave.

"Thea, come with me." he says sharply, but his voice is so calm as his face.

Thea.... a word I have not heard in a long time. Usually no one bothers to remember the names of a slave nor make an effort to call us by it.

I walk behind him in small steps. The road under my feet feels cold as the rain has made it damp and dirty. His father follows us, I can feel his presence by my side.

He is tall and lean with the same colored hair as his boy. His eyes are a regular shade of brown, as of any other person. High quality black coat accents his strong shoulders. A very confident and high born man he seems.

We have reached the carriage lead by two massive black horses geared up in fine leather binds, the hair on their bodies silky, shiny and well taken care of.

"Get in."

I look up at the seat nex

t to a man leading horses. As I lift my leg to get up, I hear my master's voice again.

"Not there. Get inside." his voice little bit annoyed.

Hesitantly I move near him, still watching his strange act as he holds a door for me. Am I really allowed to climb inside the carriage? It is a not place for a slave. I am a bit afraid to do as he says, but his hard stare with those unnatural eyes tells me to follow his orders.

"Just be careful. I don't want anything to get dirty from you. Watch it!"

I nod and pull my legs up to be faced with a fine interior decorated by fine silky fabric and patterns made of golden threads.

Is this boy some kind of royalty?

We ride in silence. His father have not said a single word since we left marketplace. His gaze set upon the scenery outside. My master on other hand stares intently at me nonstop. His body sways from time to time by the rough road under the wheels, but his eyes never waver away from mine. My master..... is he really my master? I suppose his father will be in charge of my existence and I will have to put up with his son. But like everywhere, everyone from his family will be viewed as my master I suppose.

"How old are you?" his young voice snaps me out of daze.

I just shrug my shoulders, because honestly I am not sure of my age.

"Eh.... Don't talk much, do you? I asked you how old are you?" he said each word slowly, like I did not understand it first time.

"I....I don't know. I.... think"

"Seven ....huh..... By the way my name is Edmund Wiltshire and this is my father Charles Wiltshire." Edmund gestured towards his father next to him. "Do you know what will you be after arriving at my home?"

I shrugged.

"Answer me. I won't bite."

"No." I said quietly.

He leaned towards me, his face so close to mine I could see a pale purplish pattern in his eyes.

"You will be my pet, Thea." After those words his lips twisted in a mischievous smirk slowly growing into a smile revealing his pearly white teeth behind his lips.

What? A pet? Like a dog or some kind of animal? Is he joking? I have had all kinds of jobs as a slave, but never as ridiculous as the words I heard from him.

"Don't look so frightened, Thea." Edmund smiled again leaning back in to his seat.

All the while his father did not seem to be concerned neither about his own son nor me.

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