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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 4164

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Edmund - fortunate protector, wealthy guardian

Thea - God's gift

It was cold. My skin was freezing under my torn and dirty tunic. I could feel fine raindrops falling on me. It was more like a fog, making everything look gloomy and grey and making me shiver in my humid clothing. I suppose it was midday. I don't know. I haven't lifted my eyes for hours. The only thing that indicated it, was constantly growing chatting and shouting around me. People were coming to the marketplace to get some goods - vegetables, fruits, tools, and slaves. And I was one of them. A slave. I think that is the only purpose for me in my short life. Since I can remember, I have been working as a slave. I think it will be for seven years. Though, sometimes I am not even sure about it. I have never attended a school or learned anything useful, reading, counting. Just basic stuff, but not enough to function on my own. Right now I was sitting on a tiny stack of hay, waiting for somebody to buy me. I didn't want to go to another place. I just wanted to not exist. No one has ever taken care of me. I had to endure the hard work, everywhere I went. Different owners, different rich people houses. But the attitude everywhere was the same - cold and cruel. Like I was not a human. They beat me, gave me food, just enough for me to stay alive. I was living worse than a dog. I just wanted to die. There is nothing in my life, that keeps me here. I will not survive in another place. This time I will not last.

I could hear some people talking near me, discussing the prices for other ones, that were here with me. I hold my head low and made no eye contact with anyone. I didn't want to be chosen.

I felt someone's hand examining my black, greasy hair. I didn't bother to look up. I just wanted them to leave.

"We are buying this one!" I heard the voice of a young boy.

"Why! Look, she is tiny, just skin and bones. She will not last long. You don't need her. We can find someone better if you need." a low man's voice responded to him.

"Dad, I said I want her."

A boy sounded

so confident. Like he held some power over everyone else. Even over his father, I assumed. His statement was clear, his voice stern and demanding. I felt his small hand touch my shoulder, as he shook me to get my attention, but I gave him none. I just didn't want to be chosen.

"Hey, look at me!" he ordered.

I didn't budge.

"See, she is totally disobedient. You are gonna regret if you take her." his old man said again.

A boy didn't answer him. He bent down, a little bit closer to me and pulled some strands of my hair away, to get a better look at me. My eyes were shut tight. Please, not me, not me. I was chanting in my head. He curved his smooth fingers around my chin and pulled it lightly, in an attempt to make me face him. As I did not, he took a stronger hold of it and forcefully made me finally look at him.

"I said, look at me!" his voice was more threatening than before.

I opened my blue, teary eyes and finally looked at the boy, who was bugging me.

He looked not older than 10 or 12 years old, with dark brown hair, perfectly combed backward. His clothing was those of the rich. The white shirt was enclosing his neck, a dark, thick, blue jacked was cowering his slim body and keeping it warm. And a black, silky scarf was loosely around his neck. But the most striking thing about him was his eyes. They were almost white, with a hint of purple in it. It looked so bizarre and strange. I have never seen anything like it. My eyes couldn't leave his. Suddenly I got back to reality and turned away from him. I am not supposed to look at him, not like that. I curled back in a ball and starred at the ground in front of me.

"What is your name?"


"What is y...."

"Thea, " I said quietly, barely audible.

"Good. That's better. Better get used to obeying my commands."

"Edmund, are you really going to buy her? annoyed said his father.

"Yes, I will. She will be my personal slave. Only mine."

My eyes have made their way back to both of them. I couldn't believe they will buy me. This boy is going to be my master?

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